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Volga river

Volga is one of the largest rivers on Earth. It flows on the territory of 4 of the 11 republics and regions, as well as four major cities: Volgograd, Samara, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod. On the banks of the Volga has a large number of settlements and access roads, which makes it easy to get to places. The pond is rich in spectacular scenery and opportunities for different leisure activities.

On the banks of the Volga river is situated the tourist center that provides services favorite Russian human activities: hunting, fishing, boat trips. It is no secret that fishing is the most popular activity of locals and tourists coming from different parts of Russia for an unforgettable holiday. The bait here can get fish of different varieties, depending on the specific location of fishing: bullhead, pike, Rudd, carp, catfish, roach, bream, Chub, perch. In connection with this camp site on the Volga make guests an attractive offer – not only personally to catch a big fish, but after fishing to enjoy their own catch cooked on the fire.