What to consider when planning a budget holiday?

Korsunskaya Darya
wednesday, 17 may 2017
Summer is around the corner, and ahead of us the holiday season. <br> Travel companies offer us hundreds of holiday options and promise to take <br> the solution to all the paperwork, buying tickets, booking hotels <br> and leisure planning – takes into account every detail. One problem: most often, services of tour operator – <br> not cheap. We will tell you about how not only to plan their stay <br> but also save a tidy sum.

<h2>Decide on your desires</h2> <p>Going on a trip, it is important to define for yourself what you expect from a holiday. Would you like to try yourself as a hunter or to go boating? Maybe you are more attracted to the opportunity to get acquainted with the local attractions in the company of a guide?</p> <p><img src="&quot;/images/journal/1/test/Dollarphotoclub_60417586.jpg&quot;" alt="&quot;Источник:" pixabay.com&quot;="" width="&quot;1167&quot;" /></p> <p>When planning a holiday recommend that you answer three simple questions:</p> <ol> <li><strong><em>Where you want to spend your vacation? </em></strong>Geographical position, climatic conditions and time of year you choose to visit – key moments that define the set of possible activities inside your chosen area. I advise you to carefully read the information about the recreation center where you plan to stay, and then compare your expectations with reality. This will help you our service, which collected all the most important and interesting information about the tourist regions of Russia.</li> <li><strong><em>What should be your vacation? </em></strong>Make a list of things you'd like to try it, and check it against the list and price of services provided by your preferred travel base. This will help you not only plan your leisure activities, but also to avoid some unpleasant surprises.</li> <li> <div><em><strong>You can use? </strong></em> Here is a list of what you need to do on vacation: go camping with tents, cook dinner over a campfire, to catch the biggest fish in a local pond... And that's before you looms the list of things needed for the realization. Most likely, the recreation center rents out all the necessary props for the symbolic (and not) fee, which by the end of your holiday threatens to result in a decent amount. In order to save on these small expenses, check to see if your balcony was overlooked a couple of fishing rods or grandfather's grill.</div> </li> </ol> <hr /> <h2>Book your place in advance</h2> <p><img style="&quot;float:" left;="" padding-top:="" 4px;="" margin:="" 0px="" 15px="" 15px="" 0px;&quot;="" src="&quot;/images/journal/1/hipster-865295_1280.jpg&quot;" alt="&quot;Источник:" pixabay.com&quot;="" width="&quot;318&quot;" height="&quot;185&quot;" />The list is composed of things collected – just got to book the room to get to the place, and you're away from the city noise with friends enjoying the gifts of nature. There it was! Seats available at the recreation center less than you need, and rent boats for water tours is like a hot ticket to Dubai. And it was possible to avoid it.</p> <div>When planning a vacation, follow one simple rule – a Holy place is never empty. Today leisure tourism bases is very popular and could compete with the popular seaside resorts. Especially when it comes to the holiday season. That is why booking a hotel ahead of a trip, you are very risk being left without the right amount of places that you may have already watched. Many experienced travelers are aware of this and book best seats for almost a few months before the trip.</div> <p>The same goes for Avia - and railway tickets, the train is formed 60 days before departure and seats in trains, the next most popular destinations, sorted out very quickly.</p> <hr /> <h2>Map dollar counts</h2> <p>Advanced technologies significantly facilitate the life of a traveller. The modern banking system makes it possible to pay for services, tickets, tours and hotel booking by credit or debit card online. Thus, you can plan your vacation to the smallest detail, and not leaving the house.</p> <div class="&quot;green_block&quot;" style="&quot;background:" #e7f7d7;="" padding:="" 10px="" 15px;&quot;="">Many banks offer their customers bonus programs that allow you to accumulate points for purchases and redeem them for different rewards. For example, n partial or full payment of your ticket, or hotel room. If you for some reason have not got a Bank card, we urge you to read the information about these programs.</div> <p><img style="&quot;float:" left;="" padding-top:="" 4px;="" margin:="" 0px="" 15px="" 15px="" 0px;&quot;="" src="&quot;/images/journal/1/electronic-payments-2109610_1280.jpg&quot;" alt="&quot;Источник:" pixabay.com&quot;="" width="&quot;318&quot;" /></p> <div>Another opportunity to save on your purchases online – payment co-branded credit cards of airlines. They allow you to accumulate miles and turn them into a discount on tickets. They also give you a number of other perks, with details about which can be found on the website of your chosen carrier.</div> <div>Another interesting point: when making a tour through the online service, always pay attention to the presence of the Commission for the ordering provider. Book a future vacation spot on <a href="&quot;https://turbaza.ru/&quot;" target="&quot;_blank&quot;" rel="&quot;noopener" noreferrer&quot;=""><span style="&quot;color:" #36b336;&quot;="">the Camp site.ru</span></a> is possible <strong>ONLY</strong> without a fee and any extra charge! This significantly reduces your costs for travel, accommodation and a number of other chosen services.</div> <hr /> <h2>The way you show?</h2> <p>Carefully review information about the area in which you have planned your vacation. Depending on the distance from it determine how best to get there by plane, by train or by car. Maybe down the road you will meet lots of interesting sights and scenic places that you will want to make a stop. In this case it is not necessary to take all my vacation time to travel from point A to point B.</p> <p><img src="&quot;/images/journal/1/test/tumblr_njg0i1WZht1tkairwo1_1280.jpg&quot;" alt="&quot;Источник:" pixabay.com&quot;="" width="&quot;1167&quot;" /></p> <p>Special attention should be paid to information on all sorts of excursions and recreational activities. Analyze their pros and cons and compare the results with their costs. If you are satisfied, feel free to add them to your "To do list" and a list of expenses. Be sure to check whether any discounts and enter you or your companions in one of the groups with which they are provided. This is usually students, pensioners, the disabled and children.</p> <div class="&quot;green_block&quot;" style="&quot;background:" #e7f7d7;="" padding:="" 10px="" 15px;&quot;=""><span style="&quot;text-transform:" uppercase;="" font-weight:="" bolder;&quot;="">Don't be afraid to travel and to develop their own route. </span> It is not only easy and fun, but sparingly. So you automatically save yourself from unnecessary package of services, focusing solely on what you are really interested. In this case, you can also become a guide for ourselves and friends, if you are traveling in the company. It is enough to read a couple of historical references about the place in which you are going.</div> <hr /> <h2>Pretend to be local</h2> <p>Very well this technique works with the barkers sightseeing in exclusive shops with handmade Souvenirs. First, the list of mandatory places to visit you have and have decided that you – yourself guide. Secondly, no matter how cold you were to the magnets with the name of the city and the creations of local craftsmen, you're still not leaving this gift shop empty-handed. And this – the extra costs.</p> <p><strong>Remember this simple rule: </strong>in any unclear situation pretend local.</p> <hr /> <h2>Laughter is not best medicine</h2> <p>About the dangers of tourism is known is not enough. The range of possible trouble are endless – from acclimatization and food poisoning to serious injuries and illnesses. It is essential to have in your travel bag first aid kit emergency assistance. Usually it takes a little space and contains a basic set of drugs "from": antihistamines, enzymes, antiseptics, analgesics, individual dressing package, a patch and a few "seasonal" products like sunscreen and anti-inflammatories. For minor ailments or injuries that will prevent you from visiting community pharmacies and related expenses.</p> <div class="&quot;green_block&quot;" style="&quot;background:" #e7f7d7;="" padding:="" 10px="" 15px;&quot;="">Also, when choosing a place to stay make sure on site (or nearby) to eat honey. item working around the clock.</div> <p>Planning vacation is not such a hard task as it might seem at first glance. <strong>The main thing</strong> – to approach this issue consistently and thoroughly, considering every detail. Of course, it is impossible to foresee every trouble. However, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, based on these simple rules.</p> <p><img src="&quot;/images/journal/1/coffee-1846408_1280.jpg&quot;" alt="&quot;Источник:" pixabay.com&quot;="" width="&quot;1167&quot;" /></p>