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our mission

Russians live in the largest country in the world but prefer travelling abroad. We fully appreciate and share an interest in other countries and cultures. What we cannot understand is why Russians travel the whole world but miss the opportunity to see how beautiful is their own country. Our mission is to make domestic tourism and countryside vacation popular in Russia. "Turbaza.ru" is a handy service designed to create, develop and boost a market of domestic tourism because we love our country and we know that so do you.



Turbaza.ru is a search service for countryside accommodation in all regions of Russia. Today we have over 3500 properties in our catalog: recreation centers, guest houses, villas, cottages, etc. 30% of all properties are located far from popular touristic routes, which is the best choice for those who prefer secluded getaways in remote parts of Russia.

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We have a professional team that makes our service better every day: web development department, customer support department, content management department.

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Pyzhov Sergey
An optimistic guy with an amazing memory. He loves the countryside vacation and adores his Cane Corso dog.

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Udimov Dmitry
The mastermind behind the project, always with a smile on his face. To remain positive he constantly travels around the world.

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Romanov Andrey
The most reasonable CEO in the world. Also strict. And handsome.

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Korotich Olesya
Operating Officer
The company's polyglot. She can write technical tasks in 5 different languages, She swears, though, mostly in German.

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Artem Muravyov
Head of Partnership
Extreme sports, cold temper and strictness. But many know him as a good Tyoma.

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Vladimir Ivanov
Head of the software development department
Every day he rescues kittens, feeds parrots, discusses the meaning of life with the designer and codes

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Anna Zimbitskaya
Chief design officer
She's ahead of everyone: our first mountain skier and an inspiring mom.

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Daria Korsunskaya
PR and mass communications
Her hobbies are jazz signing and snowboarding. But nobody knows it.

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Yana Ergardt
Site editor
The most charming person in our company. Thanks to Yana we have flowers in the office and coffee with marshmallows.

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Polina Smirnova
Content manager
In any confusing situation, she takes a book by Yesenin and goes on a journey

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Nadezhda Radchenko
Head of Customer Relations
A delicate and sensitive person. A big fan of Russian nature.

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Kate Matskevich
Head of content
The main polyglot of the company - can speak five different languages. Swears, mostly in English.

and other employees with the highest level of expertise in their areas

for clients

Smart search and filters
Wide range of accommodation options, smart and friendly filters
Wide range
Turbaza.ru offers more than 3500 accommodation options: from large countryside recreation complexes to small cozy cottages
Direct Pay
Pay directly to the property. No payment intermediaries.

for partners

Safety and convenience
We exchange electronic documents. We encrypt data and do not disclose information to any third party.
Even more customers
We successfully attract target customers through different channels. Our partners become more recognizable
Beneficial cooperation
Fixed rates from 1399 rubles per month. No fees.

Turbaza.ru is a search service for countryside accommodation in Russian regions. We want to make vacations in Russia affordable, comfortable and attractive.

We would like to thank our friends for productive cooperation! You share our views, and therefore you also take part in the development of domestic tourism. Friends, you are the best!

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