Wonders of Russia: the places you really must visit

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wednesday, 08 may 2019
From childhood, we all believe in miracles! I dream and I wait from each day of something exciting and special. With years person more difficult to surprise: everything becomes commonplace. In order not to get bogged down in the depths of life, Hostel.ru prepared the 7 unique places of Russia, having visited which, you know – magic is all around us.

The valley of geysers


The pride of Kamchatka, official miracle of Russia and the only in Eurasia — the valley of geysers. Volcanic canyon downright "is full of" various forms of hydrothermal activity: pulsating springs, boiling mud pots, hot pools soar. Here is localized for more than 40 geysers; the eruption the temperature reaches 98°C! Despite such high figures, life in the canyon abounds, and all around. In hidrotermic inhabited by a large number of the descendants of ancient bacteria and algae that inhabited our planet 3 billion years ago, and on the slopes of the valley grows a rare species of Orchid Spiranthes sinensis. To get to the canyon only through the air. For tourists developed a special tour, to deviate from which we suggest, as an inexperienced traveler it is easy to fall into the trap of scalding liquid. And bears are rare here, but there are. Hint: see wormwood, bold step! For reasons unknown, areas overgrown with wormwood, are safe. If the term "extreme" is not alien to you, then plan a trip to the reserve from July to September.

Belukha Mountain


The Altai Mountains! The cherished dream of many Russians, and for good reason. River valleys, flowery meadows and crystal clear lakes — "little Switzerland" will surprise the most experienced traveler. However, in the first place, to the Altai mountains go for. The famous Katun ridge is crowned by the mountain Belukha is one of the highest peaks in Russia. The massif has 3 peak, so is the second name "three-headed sacred top". Why sacred? This is for a number of reasons, the most exciting of which — mount connection with the cosmos. Local residents believe that the three tops of Belukha is an exact projection of the three stars in the constellation Orion. To conquer the white whale is not easy, because its height is 4506 meters! The landscape of the vertices is unique: on the territory of the mountain is 169 glaciers, several lakes and many rivers. If you are a fan of mystery, then by all means go to lake Akkem. Say, those who visit the lake will open up the ability of clairvoyance. And if you do, don't worry, beautiful photos are guaranteed. On the way to Akkem worth a look in Tavdinsky caves and admire the 60-foot waterfall to tököl. The starting point to the magnificence of the Belukha mountain is the city of Barnaul, and the end — the village Tungur. You can spend the night in the village, and if you want to stay in the vicinity of whales for a long time, we suggest that you choose a cozy cottage in the Altai Republic.

Failure Of The Lake


Miracles live in a cave on the slopes of mount Mashuk in Pyatigorsk. Here is the Failure of the lake at the bottom of which, according to legend, lives a dragon. Our ancestors believed that a fairytale creature leaves the dwelling at night and goes in search of another victim. As time went on, people became wiser and found that the lake bottom is not scaly back of a fire-breathing snake, but only a volcano. The mineral water in the lagoon, beautiful turquoise opal. The colors of the lake is a special species of bacteria and a large number of hydrogen sulfide in the composition. Swimming here is impossible, but to observe life and awesome neighbourhood pigeons and bats — as they want. For those who can't imagine a vacation without time, there is good news: lower lake Failure you can visit the "Shameless baths". Be careful more than 15-20 minutes the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the water will harm and not benefit. If you want to experience the mystery of the lake at 100%, pick a visit early in the morning at this time of day there is almost no chance to meet other travelers.

Kungurskaya cave

If you are planning a trip to the Urals, the unconditional "must have" travel — excursion to Kungur ice cave. The attraction is located in 100 km from Perm, in the village of Filippovka. The cave has a rich history, scientists have proved that she's at least 10-12 thousand years. Once you are there the impression that he was in a dark Nordic fairy tale. The cave greets visitors with a cold breath of winter: in the input grottoes temperature does not exceed -2-3°, even in summer; hanging from the top of the ice figures of fantastic shapes, skilfully illuminated by colored lamps. The most beautiful grotto is considered to be a Diamond. At the end of winter, it formed crystals of needle and tray forms. In the cave there are 48 caves, 70 lakes and 146 "organ pipes". Despite the low temperatures, in lakes inhabited by small frogs and crustaceans. Kungur ice cave — one of the most popular natural sites of the Urals, so for guests developed 3 tour route, depending on the preferences of the tourist. Programs differ in the length of the path and the number of visited caves. And to diversify wandering through caves you can tour with the laser show, walk to the archeological site of ermakovo settlement, or a visit to the Museum of karst and Speleology in the tourist complex "Stalagmite".

The Manpupuner, or the Pillars of weathering


The Manpupuner, or the Pillars of weathering – a truly magical place in the Komi Republic. Several centuries ago when the ancient Mansi worshipped these geological monuments of nature, and today travelers from all corner of the world involve the mysteries of the "mountains of idols." The Manpupuner is a unique point on the map of Russia where time has stopped and every traveler is able to feel a unique connection with nature. It's hard to imagine that 200 million years ago, there stood a mountain. Time gradually undermined their snow, wind and rain brought down weak rocks and left only a solid sericite-quartzitic slates start to rise above the surface. Muncie deify outcrops constitute the seven pillars with a height of 30 to 42 meters. Everyone will see in fancy shapes rock formations something. Some tourists say that the stone giants resemble human figures, while others see them as upside-down bottle. A special mystique that are difficult for the layman places attached next to the famous Dyatlov Pass. In such a remote area to reach not every traveler, but if you still dare, we recommend you to stay at the recreation center "Mybar" or complex of guest houses "Eagle".

Crimson lake


The catch phrase "see Paris and die" definitely belonged to someone who had never been to the village of Malinovoe Ozero of Altai Krai. Here is the eponymous salt lake, striking the imagination of tourists such unusual bright pink shade of water. Such a unique color of the lake becomes through the vital activity of plankton Serratia salinaria. And yet this amazing microorganism generously supplies the reservoir with accumulations of mud. The best time to travel to red lake from June to September. During this period the water is especially beautiful, without brown shades and impurities. Besides, in the summer and the "velvet" season to take a healing salt bath is much nicer than in the offseason. If you are lucky to find the one, magic of sulfide-silt mud, do not get lost, feel free to obrazujas from head to toe! In the process will receive a positive charge and vigor, and on arrival home, remember planktonic crustacean, a kind word, not doschitalis a few wrinkles and extra pounds.

The Putorana Plateau


The Putorana plateau is a mysterious and wonderful foothills in the heart of our country. The grounds of this majestic mountain massif is a reserve recognized by UNESCO world heritage monument. Nature reserve established in 1988 to preserve unique ecosystem, flora and fauna that inhabit these ancient lands. Poorly understood and difficult, and therefore, virgin is a beautiful piece of nature is able to give the tourist the feeling of a lack of space and time. To come here means to see with your own eyes the earth for millions of years before the advent of civilization. The harsh polar landscape is oversaturated with the most beautiful lakes, glaciers, rivers and canyons. Those who were lucky enough to visit here, compare the Putorana Plateau with the famous "Lost world" of Conan Doyle. Fortunately, with the development of tourism, to get to the area of the Central Siberian plateau can be anyone. However, the journey will not be easy: the path is a combined program of helicopter flight, Hiking trails and river rafting. Before such a difficult road you must gather strength, for example, recreation in Krasnoyarsk region. Rich and delicious Siberian cuisine, Wellness treatments, swimming classes and therapeutic massage — this is not a complete list of what will help get started before the long journey to Putorana Plateau.