Photos your friends will envy: make bright pictures with relaxing

Korsunskaya Darya
tuesday, 30 may 2017
While on vacation – whether a long trip or a trip to the country for a weekend – each of us strives to leave as much memories of him. The easiest way to do that is photography. One clicked everything in the best traditions of the Assembly line, others have to compile photo stories more thoroughly. For those who belong to the second group, we will talk about how to please yourself with beautiful images and not to fill their mouth to their friends and acquaintances in social networks.

Keep it simple

Suppose you want to remove a specific object. For example, a bird on a tree or a very beautiful old building. In this case, the most optimal variant of the construction of the frame for you is easy.


Choose a view in which all the attention will be focused to the Central part of the scene. This effect is usually achieved in two ways. The first method choice of background, not overloaded with details (as in the case of a bird). The second way – the object is the maximum amount of space in the frame (shooting building).

However, it is not necessary to perceive the simplicity of the composition as the rule "only one subject in the frame."

Remember that photography is, above all, creativity, the ability to tell a story, the center of which may be all the same a lonely bird on a branch, and a huge flock of migratory birds. The main thing – the main object should attract the most attention in the frame.

Harmonious proportion is half the battle

To achieve harmony in the role due to the proportions and arrangement of the items. To pass the course "Fundamentals of composition" is optional, if you learn to identify the correct location of the subject. And it's very simple! If you are always remember the Golden section, enable the grid on the viewfinder of your camera, this feature is supported by both professional cameras and apps for photography on mobile phones. If your unit is such a function does not have – no problem! Mentally divide the frame into sections, as in the game "TIC TAC toe", into three equal parts in height and three in width.


The most important object (or objects) shooting position or along the grid lines or at the points of intersection of these lines. The point of intersection of the lines is often called a "visual center", because the human eye is delayed precisely in those parts of the image. Here the specific location will depend on the size of the object, its type and, naturally, creative vision of the photographer. However, whatever the idea was in your head, try to divert the main objects of the frame from the center to the point of the Golden section.

Built-in flash is evil

With the "advantages" of using a built in flash you probably faced more than once. Frontal hard light, all your favorite "red eye", lighted face and the gloomy black background, complete lack of volume, the desire of the autobalance of the camera to the cold shades. These and many other "Hello" from the good old cameras from the ' 90s inadvertently cause the desire to stick with the phone's camera flash or stick it on the tape to the "carcass" of the camera. However, the bright natural lighting it is possible to catch not to miss a good shot is also not desirable. How to get out?


The most easy way is to get an external flash. If you don't have the extra $ 300, take the principle of "we survived as best we could." You can survive the following ways:

Hard frontal light can be mitigated with homemade diffuser. To do this, simply attach to the built-in flash sheet of A4 paper.

If running with a paper you think is not the most convenient option, try simply magic with the settings of your camera and modify the settings of ISO and shutter speed.

What's the point of shooting and what to do with it?

In the composition in the frame – whether it's a group photo of friends on holiday or the scenery of the places where you spend your vacation is extremely important to choose the right shooting point. For example, for a portrait would be the perfect camera position on eye level, and for a portrait in full growth – at waist level.


Important is also the framing. Try to build the picture so that the horizon line is not chopped the frame in half.

The main right point selection photography – keep the camera at the main subject of the photo. So you will be able to avoid unwanted deformation of its proportions. If you will shoot the subject from above, you will automatically make it smaller than it really is. Accordingly, by choosing view from the bottom, you will show the object more cumbersome. It's one thing when we are talking about centuries-old oak or the majestic building, and quite another – when in the spotlight your mother-in-law or friend.

Staged shots – not so bad

Countryside – a great opportunity to feel like a hunter. Some go a couple of hounds up the game, while others prefer game drives. And here go hunting with a camera are divided into two categories: those who guard wild animals for a good shot, and those who watches friends for the sake of funny and memorable frames. And both are right in their own way. However, it is worth remembering the existence of a difference between the desire to capture the sweet, funny moment of leisure and collecting ridiculous pictures.


The most vivid memories will leave group shots of your company and portraits of friends and relatives for their love. Catch the good moments will help your powers of observation, and to make the footage more interesting and high quality will help you with the following recommendations (along with the above, of course):

  1. Don't film against the light. Otherwise, the picture will be too dark.
  2. Not "chop" part of the body. The most common mistake among Amateur photographers and professionals – "crop" the photo of the bodies at the joints. Carefully ensure that the people in the picture are not left without toes, if this photo in full growth, or no hands, if it is a portrait to the waist.
  3. Wait until all the people in the picture does not stand in the right posture. This will help you avoid blurry or bad shots, as well as duplicate, similar images, which then have to be removed.
  4. Do not limit yourself to one picture. Give your friends the opportunity to fool around on camera. So you will get more emotional and vivid images. In addition, it will allow your "models" subsequently to choose the most successful shot.

Look at the wider world!

Of course, to see the beauty in the details is an important skill for any photographer. But you will agree, when we are going on vacation, the camera we need to preserve as many memorable moments in photos. So we advise you to leave the macro is picturesquely located along the banks of the stones for artistic photography. During the holidays to focus his lens on the beauty of the local landscapes and attractions, as well as on the people who surround you. Such personnel will help you brighten up the gray days of work and at least for a moment to once again experience the atmosphere that you conveyed through your photos.

The quality of the image defines not professional equipment, and the ability to use it. Modern technologies allow to create incredible shots by using a phone and a pair of skilled hands. By following simple rules of composition, even the most bored eye landscape can sparkle with new colors.