Prepare your smartphone to your journey: the simple security rule

Korsunskaya Darya
monday, 27 august 2018
Preparing for the journey adventure, remember to prepare for the journey and your gadget. Tell, what to do with a smartphone before a trip.

Damage protection

New terrain phone many things can happen: they wanted a beautiful photo of the mountains, and received a broken screen? It started raining, and you're lying on the grass in the woods? Consider accessories for your smartphone: shockproof case will protect from mechanical damage, the tempered glass screen helps protect the display from scratches, waterproof bag for the gadget will come in handy in case of rain.

Access protection

If your smartphone still does not set a password or pattern, then now is the time to do it. Do not have to lose the phone, so the information in it was in the hands of others. You can leave the phone in the room or put on the table during a fun-filled holiday in the restaurant, and you're halfway to the loss of data.

Love public Wi-Fi


All travelers use public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, airports, railway stations, hotels. Free Internet access today you can find almost all the popular crowded places, but you need to remember about security: connect to the official network of the place where you are. Usually on Wi-Fi, connection information shall be indicated on the informational boards, if not found will ask about your desired network from the employee. Note that if the network is not encrypted, your traffic can still intercept enterprising hackers or even curious students, it is not so difficult. To protect yourself 100%, set up a private VPN connection. With VPN you create a separate encrypted channel through which already use the Internet. Complex in this is nothing on a modern device to connect a VPN you just a minute.

Portable external battery

Travel battery consumption of the phone is often higher than normal. You often photographed area, share it with friends, blog, contact with family and, of course, use maps and GPS navigation. Even if you do not plan to leave the location with an available outlet, it is recommended to stock up on an external battery.

Important: check the conditions of carriage of the battery with your airline if you have flight. Often batteries can be carried in the cabin. Discharged battery can take.


Don't forget to check the terms of your operator and tariff plan and connect to the appropriate service. The operator "MTS" for example, you can connect service "Everywhere as houses" for bonus points that will cost you... $ 0. Convenient! If the roaming Russian operators unprofitable for you, then buy a special sim-card for travel, which offers your, or another operator. Consider your needs when choosing a fare – you are more important than calls or Internet access?

Important: in August and September 2018 mobile operators to abandon roaming charges within Russia. Check the information from your operator.

The content

To save bandwidth, battery power or not to panic when the network will retain all the necessary travel information that will be available to you offline. For example, the Chrome browser will help you to save pages to view without network access, and the famous TripAdvisor will download to your phone base on the desired cities.

Save the gadget to yourself

Don't forget to enable "Find my iPhone" was enabled, if you have an Apple device. It's better than nothing. But it is always better to keep the gadget out of reach for the people around the place – don't put it in the pocket of a backpack or pants.

App traveler

Think in advance which applications will use in travelling. Maybe it's games for a fun-filled road map to a new location or reader with books.

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It would be a bummer if you want to shoot beautiful video with a waterfall and the memory of the phone will not appear. In advance, save the data in the cloud or on the computer, if you frequently face the problem of lack of memory. Media files and photos always require a lot of space, and that is what you will need during the journey.

Control finances

The phone can show you detailed statistics of your expenses, if you use the app to control budget. The app your Bank offers such data. The application of the Bank will be useless if you plan to spend a lot of cash, so use the services to control Finance, it is important for you to always evaluate your current expenses.

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