Where to go for the may holidays in Russia?

Korsunskaya Darya
tuesday, 03 april 2018
The may Bank holiday weekend, many are waiting a whole year to organize a mini-vacation. Hostel.ru offers a selection of popular places in Russia where you can spend an unforgettable weekend!

In 2018 there will be 4 days a week from 29 April to 2 may and one day – 9 may.

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If you want to bring the summer, you definitely time in Essentuki! Here may is almost a summer month, the day temperature rises to +20, with the influx of tourists yet. Here is the famous drinking gallery "five thousand meters" – the biggest in Europe and, importantly, free! If the healing water is of little interest, go to ancient Greece, but rather to look at the Semashko mud baths – columns on the façade, stone lions, statues, bas-reliefs of the gods, – Yes, it is possible to see in Essentuki! If a vacation is planned with kids, visit the Central square with a fountain, which gets right under your feet!



Who wants the extraordinary journey, the capital of Kalmykia, Elista, the best option to search for the exotic in the homeland. Buddhist temples and steppe in the South of the European part of Russia will surprise you. Visit the "Golden abode of Buddha Shakyamuni" Elista: look at least eight Buddha inside, study of local books, rate these ritual objects! At the Museum of Kalmykia is possible to arrange a total immersion in an unfamiliar culture by examining the Kalmyk Yurt and national costumes. Be sure to try the local cuisine – a huge Berici ravioli, and for dessert borcoci, to them, of course, is to take combo – Kalmyk tea.

Who is important to the aesthetic pleasure that in late April–early may will enjoy the steppe, strewn with colorful tulips! If you go to Kalmykia on may day, it is possible to get on their short bloom! Don't forget to bring a phone or camera to help photos will be difficult.


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The majority of people may prefer to get out into nature. Amaze your friends – go to nature in Bashkiria, not to the nearest Park. Protected forests, rivers and lakes, mountains and steppe is the minimum that must be seen! Despite the approach of summer here in may you can go skiing or snowboarding. The resort Abzakovo is not only skiing but also horseback riding, Quad Biking, water Park and zoo! If more want to get away from people to nature, then choose a hotel on a camp site "Tengri" nature and nothing more.

In Bashkiria it is worth to visit the nature reserve with wild bees "Shulgan-Tash" and the Kapova cave with images of mammoths of the stone age!



Today Sochi is not only the sea! Here may is the warm sun, cherry blossoms, rhododendrons and coastal music! Enjoy Eagle rock, enjoy the sound of the surf, be sure to visit the "Sochi Park": a Park for all the family the level of Disneyland. Tourists here will also be entertainment – rose farm is available all year round!

Veliky Novgorod

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As you know, Ancient Russia began in Novgorod region is already a great reason to visit here! Visit the Kremlin, a Museum with rare icons, Church of our Saviour Transfiguration with frescoes of Theophanes the Greek, Rurik settlement, the resurrection Cathedral.

Outside the city you can visit the "Staraya Russa" – take a mud bath, swim in salt lakes, and drink water from mineral springs, and for dinner try the perch out of lake Ilmen.


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Lakes, rivers and forests – so characterize Karelia tourists. At the beginning of may in Karelia is still generally cool, but without rains. The main activities in Karelia – rafting, horseback riding, Hiking and fishing. For fishing, as a rule, all conditions in almost any recreation center in the region – you can rent a boat and fishing rods, or can be placed on the base, where the inventory is already included in the price.

The Altai Mountains


Magic land – Altai. There are a huge number of waterfalls and lakes, and crystal clear! And of course the mountains. In may, the snow on the mountains has melted and starts walking tours. By the way, in the Altai Republic you can go to any time of the year, under every season there is.

In may in Altai, you can fish, ride horses, explore caves, to arrange rafting and of course to conquer the mountain! If you want a more relaxing break, visit the temple on the Isle of Patmos, admire the confluence of the rivers Chuya and Katun, go to Teletskoye lake or lake Aya, do not pass by the mountain Belukha.

Saint Petersburg


Cultural capital, the Northern Venice, the city of bridges – not only as tourists former capital of Russia – Saint-Petersburg. If you haven't been to St Petersburg, it is definitely a sign to pack their bags!

Not all the famous cities on the planet can boast so many attractions, palaces and mansions, theatres, museums and parks. Today, the Northern capital has more than 580 bridges, rivers, canals and ducts there are more than 60! Historic centre of Saint Petersburg, among other things, is included in the world heritage List of UNESCO. There are churches of different denominations, including the unusual mosque with porcelain dome, a Buddhist monastery and the beautiful chapel of the order of Malta.


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Mysterious and so far away for the inhabitants of Central Russia Vladivostok. The final destination of the TRANS-Siberian railway and largest seaport. The unusual terrain of Vladivostok is located on the hills and fells, the sea of Japan and the bridges! Once Khrushchev was invited to do the second from Vladivostok to San Francisco, and I must say that the appearance of the city today enjoy the most! Tourists say that the city is unique and like no other, so, in the center of the city are centuries-old buildings intertwined with modern buildings, a beach and one of the most famous bridges in Russia. It is worth visiting for the beach, seafood and an extraordinary atmosphere of the seaside town in the hills.