The best places for active rest in Russia

Smirnova Polina
monday, 10 june 2019
Summer is rapidly gaining momentum, and that means it's time soon to plan a vacation, if you still haven't. If you are happy to relax by the river, enjoying the smell of barbecue, then you can do without planning: at the Camp you will find recreation in any point of Russia. But if your best way to relax is maximum activity, movement, adventure and excitement, it's worth thinking about it in advance and choose the format that you are interested in. Maybe you are not the first year engaged in whitewater rafting or just thinking to master it, or you are experienced climber, but has never been in the Cycling trip. offers a brief overview of the best places in Russia, which open wide opportunities for active and fun holidays.


Altay – dream of many Russians, and one of the most favorite destinations of tourists. Many travelers come here with a purpose, leisurely and relaxing holiday, but to see Altay in all its glory, you need to go through mountain trails, spend a night under the stars or even a dip in the cool rivers. With regard to the latter, opportunities for rafting here is great. You can go rafting on the Katun river – the main river of the Altai mountains, along which you will see many interesting sights. And you can go on Smell or Chulyshman. The first is a tributary of the Katun river and is famous for its cold waters, while the second flows through the scenic mountain pass katu-Yaryk and flows into Teletskoye lake.


If water trips do not seduce you, do not worry: places of interest can be reached on foot. If you like long passages with overnight stay in tents, the Altai Republic will open unprecedented horizons. Aktru gorge, valley of the Kyzyl-Chin, Multinsky Karakol and shavlinskie lakes – all this you can see within the Hiking trails. The difficulty level depends on your training. If you are strong, tough and experienced – go to the top of the Belukha mountain. Climbers with experience suggest to climb the mountain Aktru and inexperienced beginners enough of the ascent to the Dome. If Hiking is too much for you, then take advantage of camp sites that offer similar routes on horseback.


Many tourists prefer Ural as an alternative to the Altai, although both places are interesting and worthy of admiration. In the Northern Urals love the tourists enjoy the river Usva and Vishera, where a lot of beautiful scenery with ancient stones, boulders and rocks. In the southern Urals there is a demand for White river, or Agidel. It stretches for almost 1,500 km, and near the river is the cave Shulgan-Tash, where preserved petroglyphs of Paleolithic era. If you go in search of rocky beauty and turbulent flow on the Middle Urals, go to the river Chusovaya. There are still Yuryuzan, Serga, Iset, Rezh, Ufa, Sochi, Kosva and many other rivers – choose any and go for it, just be sure to relate your selected route with your skill level.


Also popular Hiking routes in the national parks Taganai and Zyuratkul, where you will see beautiful mountain scenery and appreciate the richness of the plant world. Many of the plants listed in the Red book, therefore, behave in these places carefully. Fans to tickle your nerves and touch of mysticism Ural offers to go to the famous Dyatlov pass, or go on the Manpupuner plateau. Well, horse-riding trails through the picturesque Ural ranges will allow you to get to the heart of the mountains where it is hard to walk. For example, to climb mount Yamantau , the highest mountain in the southern Urals.


Karelia – the present expanse for boating, fishing, Hiking and jeep tours. One of the most popular rafting rivers is Shuya – not only in Karelia but throughout Russia. She is beautiful, kind to newcomers and for tourists with kids. Many people choose river kereti, which lies between the majestic rocks and abounds with rapids, and at the end of the road flows into the White sea. There are other rivers for rafting and fishing – Kem, Chirko-Kem, the Tohmajoki, Kitenjoki, Umba and Uuksu – though the latter is not suitable for beginners but will please experienced adventurers.


If you are the owner of off road vehicle, who is not afraid of rough roads, go to the mountain Vottovaara is the highest peak or volcano Girvas, and for the more extreme on the waterfall Yankoski. In South Karelia it is the highest – 18 meters, that is 8 meters above the waterfall Kivach. Or go to the lake Pisanec. It is rarely included in popular routes, but tourists love it.

Finally, Karelia is a great place for a bike tour. If the start of Sortavala, you can easily reach the famous Ruskeala on the way after inspecting the waterfalls on the tokhmayoki river. From Petrozavodsk – Kivach go. You can spend the night in a tent, but if you find it hard to travel with a backpack – take advantage of hostels and guest houses that are in towns and villages. Just keep in mind that you will find a lot of steep climbs. Soberly assess their strength and correctly calculate the route from camp site to camp site, so you don't have to spend the night on the roadside in the company of the Karelian mosquitoes!

Far East

Far East – a region distant and mysterious, for many it is shrouded in mystery because of their inaccessibility and remoteness from Central Russia. But every year here come the brave and enthusiastic travelers, romantics wishing to see nature reserves Kuril, Siberian, Sikhote-Alin, Kronotsky, Cedar Valley and others. In the far East more than 20 pieces! Hiking trails through protected areas will allow you to penetrate their mysterious atmosphere, admire the beauty and even feel like a pioneer. On the territory of the Sikhote-Alin nature reserve you will see the unique lagoon lake in the Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka – the famous geysers. And on Sakhalin go over the mountain landscape here comprises the West Sakhalin and East Sakhalin mountains.


Because of the proximity of the sea of Japan the far East is a great place for diving. On the seabed you can meet squid, octopus and other underwater inhabitants, discover sunken ships and explore them carefully. A popular place for scuba diving – the Bay Vityaz', where you can still see seals in large quantity. If you prefer to not be under water, and above it, it doesn't matter: in the bays of the sea of Japan are well-developed kayaking and surfing. Resting on the sea of Okhotsk, be sure to take a trip to Shantar Islands – take the time eco-tourism and whale watching. Do not forget about sea fishing: in the sea of Okhotsk is home to about 200 species of fish, and the Japanese are about 900!

Krasnodar Krai

And, of course, Krasnodar region – a great place for all types of travelers. Here popular trips on foot, on horseback, bikes, jeeps and ATVs. Jeep can safely go in a picturesque mountain village Mezmay, which has long been considered a place of power and attracts people who are inclined to spirituality and mysticism. Next to him – the GUAM gorge, many beautiful waterfalls and mountain streams. For kvadrotura interesting route will be Markothskogo ridge. But if you do not have your SUV, and you prefer organized tours, the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana – at your service! With experienced guides you can go Hiking, learn canyoning or rafting on mountain rivers. And can active and have fun on-site resorts themselves: to visit the rope Park or sky Park, rent a bike and try out different bike trails.


If the sea attracts more than mountains, then spend time surfing, kiting or wakeboarding. On the Black sea, water sports abound on the beaches of Anapa, Sochi and other seaside resorts. On – the Azov sea in Yeisk, where the surf school and have a rental equipment. Outside the city limits go to the Dovzhanka or Golubitskaya, however, the second is more suitable for experienced riders. But if you want to ride away from the beach bustle, then go to the Morozov braid – a haven of peace and tranquility for lovers of the waves.