May holidays 2019: where to go in Russia?

Smirnova Polina
friday, 12 april 2019
May holidays in our country, like all without exception. A weekend in early may – a great opportunity to escape the city for a few days and enjoy the warm and Sunny weather without having to take a vacation. Someone enough just to go to the nearest Park for a barbecue or to sleep at home, but for those whom alive the excitement of a traveler, Camp offers something interesting.


If you are a lover of heat and the southern nature, your choice probably fell on Krasnodar Krai. What if the sea was many times and the soul asks the other? Answer: go to the mountains. In early may the water is still cool, but the mountain landscapes of Adygeya Republic will accept you with open arms and charmed by the beauty of spring.

The Kamennomostskiy village is 4 hours drive from Krasnodar and will be an excellent starting point for exciting hikes in the canyons and gorges, where blossomed flowers and fresh herbs. In the village of plateau Lago-Naki, waterfalls Rufabgo river White gorge Mishoko, and in Kamennomostskiy – hadzhohskaya tasnina gorge and a good choice of guest houses. The tourist camp "Mountain" or cottage complex "Ryabinovie busy" will not only provide comfort and peace, but will also offer active recreation in the territory.

Murmansk oblast

Along with lovers of the South, there are connoisseurs of Northern culture and Arctic nature. If you plan to travel to Murmansk oblast and want to get into the spirit of the North, may for this approach: the cold has abated, but the snow you will find.

A good option to learn about the nature of North – a trip to Lapland reserve. It has an area of almost 300,000 hectares, but the majority of it is closed. Tourists are available a buffer zone of the reserve, where there are ecological trails. Here you will see pristine forests, mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, waterfalls DLR-Carr, Wikis and Girlish braids, and even father Frost Palace, built on the shore of Chuna. Brave and hardy travelers can climb to the top of the DLR-Carr and enjoy the nature reserve with its highest point – 1115 meters above sea level.

Pskov oblast

If you devote much time to the spiritual world and wish to indulge in reflection and meditation – explore the Talab Islands. Know about them a few, and it is in vain.

Talabı is a small archipelago of three Islands on the surface of lake Pskov. One of them is uninhabited but popular with tourists, campers, and the other two lived, but high population density do not differ. Season Talabah opens on the 1st may and the weather at this time favors water travel. The Islands of pilgrims, visiting the local Church and house of the late elder Zosima. The middle island is Flooded – there is a hotel "safe haven", and when her restaurant original cuisine and fishing boat rentals. The farthest island of them. Belova, or Top, is a protected area and attracts true lovers of peace, nature and fishing.

The Volga Delta

Speaking of fishing, it is worth remembering one of the fishing areas – the Delta of the Volga. In any season here you can take heart, enjoy the catch and the process itself. The Delta is rich in rivers, canals and channels, where all day lapping of different fish. In may, aquatic creatures begin to live a more active lifestyle, and the fishermen are ready to spend the day and night on the beach. Chances are to catch a pike, catfish or perch or white fish – roach and roach.

Do not forget about the cultural holiday. Not everyone knows about the attractions of Astrakhan, and in fact they are quite interesting. If your friends chose to stay with a fishing rod on the shore – break the system and go on a tour of the Astrakhan Kremlin and Museum, take a walk around Swan lake or along the city waterfront. Take a boat, take a walk in the Astrakhan nature reserve and see these places from a new angle. And you can live in the camp "Our Hacienda" or any other – Delta, a lot of them.


If the southern and Northern regions are too far away from you, and the capital does not let go for a long time, organize a small vacation within the suburbs. Why not go to Tula? If you think that the Tula is only gingerbread, something very wrong. The ancient Russian city will impress you with the architecture of the Kremlin, cathedrals and monasteries, an interesting Museum displays weapons and samovars. You can take the time and gingerbread, but don't forget to visit the "Yasnaya Polyana" estate or Tolstoy, "Polenovo" – Museum of the artist Polenov.

If you want the traditional holiday with a barbecue, then problems will arise for sure: quiet and plain nature of the Tula region has to relaxation and camp sites for accommodation and leisure activities near Tula much. Please note the Park hotel "Premiere" or recreation "birch grove" – here you can bath and sauna, bike rentals, sports equipment, fishing and, of course, barbecues!


Some people use the holidays in may for alcoholic drink, while others want to strengthen the body to survive until the summer holidays. We support them and suggest to go to one of the healing parts of Russia, where you can healthier body and relax. For example, in the village Goryachinsk, Republic of Buryatia.

Easy to get here – 3.5 hours by bus from Ulan-Ude, or on your car. However, it's worth it: the resort is located on the shore of lake Baikal, which in itself is inspiring. It is famous for its healing climate and thermal springs, which is a year-round heated to a temperature of 55 degrees, so the cool may weather will not prevent recovery. Goryachinsky water strengthens bones and muscles, heals the skin, relieves pain and helps to cope with allergies, and walks and excursions in the surroundings will have a beneficial effect on mood and state of mind. You can stay at the Goryachinsk or the surrounding camp sites. If you have a car, you'll like Maksimikha village 60 km from Goryachinsk. It works hostel "Kumutkan" and recreation center "Raduga".


Perhaps you share a love of healthy recreation and love the outdoors, but relaxing on the coast – not your option. You are tough and want to spend time actively, to test our strength and to learn something new. Then clear your mind of doubts and go on a water hike in the Urals.

Alloys in early may is good for beginners: at this time the rivers are flowing, the journey for him is considered the most secure. In addition to a pleasant physical activity you enjoy nature and its revival. Rivers in the Urals, many – Chusovaya, Yuryuzan', SOS'va, Sylva, Serga. Along their shores there are camp sites that rent kayaks, rafts and catamarans and organize water tours. If you choose to travel to Sverdlovsk oblast – note the guest house "Chistop", and in Chelyabinsk – on a camp site "the Rapids". In Bashkortostan, will help recreation "Aoguan", which organizes the rafting on the White river. And at the base you can live in a traditional Yurt, fishing and discover the tourism in the style of "Halal".