Overview of recreation, Ekaterininskaya Sloboda Tver region

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tuesday, 24 september 2019
The best way to arrange the restart to go on holiday, this we know. Hostel.ru talks about a cosy base of rest "Yekaterininskaya Sloboda" in the Tver region.

Ekaterininskaya Sloboda is located in the Tver region between two lakes – Seliger and Sermenok. The recreation center has all the possibilities for quiet family camping in a picturesque pine forest.


In "Yekaterininskaya Sloboda" there are several options for a comfortable stay: a separate VIP-cottages, each of which is designed for one company or family up to 8 people, there are private rooms in a large cottage, if you are 2-3 people.

Two-storey VIP-cottages have a cozy room with a fireplace on the ground floor, where guests relax and eat. The ground floor also has kitchen utensils, microwave, fridge, kettle and even a library. On the second floor are two bedrooms, each with private bath.


Near every cottage there is a special area – private deck overlooking the lake, with a swing, table and chairs. The property also has a private barbecue area for barbecue.

In this cottage you don't just have a rest from urban life, but also distracted from household duties – the cottage maid comes regularly to clean up and wash the dishes.

A large two-story cottage is designed for 6 families, as there is a fireplace hall with a dining room, which is equipped with kitchenware, a fridge, kettle, microwave. On the second floor are rooms, each with bathroom, TV and private refrigerator.


For every guest when placing your fixed table for the duration of the stay, where the staff serves Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Food can be delivered directly to the cottage, and after a meal is always a maid comes in and washes the dishes – isn't it Paradise?

The base of rest "Yekaterininskaya Sloboda" all year. In the summer there is a beach for children, there is sports equipment rentals – bikes, pedal boats, are boats and catamarans. In winter there is a skating rink and a slide, and recreation for the lovers of activities offers ski, sled, cheesecakes, and snowmobiles. There is also a stable – fans of horse riding will not remain on the sidelines.

It offers all the conditions for sports games: you play badminton, football, volleyball, basketball, and even paintball.


Ekaterininskaya Sloboda is famous for its rich fishing possibilities. Unique location – between two lakes allows guests at any time of the year to get pleasure from fishing. According to representatives of the recreation center, the best time for fishing is may and September. On the basis of a special bridges nearly 100 feet in length each, with comfortable, large sites, easy casting or spinning. Local ponds are rich in fish – it is home to about 30 species.

Tver oblast, Ostashkov city district, the village of Sloboda, Green travel 7
Nearest town / village:
Ostashkov - 35 km
Distance from:
Veliky Novgorod - 181.4 km
Moscow - 390 km
Saint Petersburg - 344 km
Tver - 190.4 km
How to get there by car from Moscow:
- To leave the city on Novorizhskoye shosse and move 115 km in the direction of Volokolamsk. After the Volokolamsk road becomes two-lane;
- 158 km is the entrance to Tver oblast;
- 207-m km rapolozhen the city's Teeth (the town has a hotel, restaurant, Parking, shops);
- At the 223rd km of the gas station "Tvernefteprodukt. Then the post of DPS. After the post turn right at Rzhev;
- Rzhev to go all the time signs "the main road";
- Continue to move through the city, then 40 km to the town of Ostashkov;
- In Ostashkov all the time to drive along the main road until the sign "Circular motion". Follow signs "the Shack," turn left. After 100 meters turn right at the sign "tourist center, Peno". After another 100 meters on the Y-junction – turn left;
- 28 km turn right at the sign "Camp site "Falcon";
After "Falcon" move to 2.5 km on a dirt road through the forest to the village settlement;
- At the entrance to the village on the right side will be yellow shop. Turn right and after approximately 100 metres you will see the territory of the recreation.

Check in/check out: 14:00/12:00
Prepayment: 30% of the bid amount
Children: free up to 3 years, children under 12 years 20% discount.