Rest in Russia: where to go in the summer of 2019?

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monday, 11 march 2019 tells where you can relax inexpensive, where to go at sea and how to combine rest with health-improvement or to arrange a memorable vacation for the whole family.

The rest of the sea

The sea of Japan. Yes, you will have to buy a ticket to Vladivostok if you're not there yet, but you will like it. By the way, the residents of Vladivostok, as a rule, prefer to relax away from the city. The beaches in the seaside capital often do not differ crystal clear sea water.


So, if you got, then pay attention to the beaches in the areas of the villages of Andreevka and Slavyanka. Special popularity of Livadia, a remote district of the Nakhodka, located on the Gulf. All this in a maximum of two hours away from Vladivostok, but the clear waters and sandy beaches are worth it.

Recreation in Primorsky region

The sea of Azov. Resorts on Azov sea not so much, as for example, on the black sea coast, but there are a lot of recreation. The Azov sea love, because there is much less people than at the same time, on the Black sea. And significantly cheaper.


Tourists with children often prefer the Azov – here is a little depth, causing faster warming up water and the bottom is solid sand. Of the minuses – not very well-developed infrastructure. If you care about comfort and five-star hotels, you are not here.

Recreation on the Azov sea

The black sea. Nature, exotic, sightseeing... the Black sea is one of the most popular places for summer vacation in Russia. Of course, to find a deserted beach, you need to make the effort, but experienced travelers say that it is not difficult.

черное море

Important: relax on the Black sea is better in early summer or in September. People will be significantly less than in the middle of July, and what is nice – the price will also be below two times.

The most popular resorts are Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Yalta, Sudak, Evpatoria. Note that these are the resorts that can boast of developed infrastructure. Much less well known resorts where you can relax "calmer" – the village of Ashe, near Sochi, a small city Krinitsa, Kabardinka, Dagomys.

Recreation on the Black sea

Baltic sea. Kaliningrad oblast is an island of Europe in Russia!


To visit the resorts of the Baltic sea – a journey around Europe. Here you will see well kept, clean and incredibly beautiful place of rest bonus which will be observing its ancient architecture. Zelenogradsk, in the past the Royal resort, will allow you to experience the true German spirit and have a great time on the wide sandy beach. You can still see Svetlogorsk, amber, welcome.

Recreation in Kaliningrad region

Active rest

If for you holiday is synonymous with activity, then go to the South of Russia.

Sochi. Hmelevskie lake at an altitude of 1,800 metres you will remember thanks to the gorgeous views. Be sure to visit Plesetskiy the gap and take a walk in the yew-boxwood grove in Khosta posledice. About Krasnaya Polyana can not even speak for the mountain air you definitely here.

The Caucasus. View of the Caucasus mountains – welcome to the Arkhyz and Dombai. Stunning scenery and interesting Hiking trails, including a small. Test your endurance and enjoy nature – Hiking on plateau Lago-Naki or the conquest of mount Elbrus!


Crimea. In olenivka village, Tarkhankut – for diving. Or take a boat trip. Try paragliding in Koktebel. Here on Klementyev's grief was born of the Soviet gliding. With a bird's eye take in breathtaking views of the Kara-Dag and grebe Uzun-Syrt, and if not lucky with the weather, then take a boat excursion, you will not regret! Crimea is a place of mountains. And what could be better than mountains? Only mountains! Begin ascent hike to the Valley of ghosts, the mountain AI-Gheorghita, according to Golitsyn path in Novyi Svit. On foot you can climb the AI-Petri. Tourist Hiking in the Crimea can be found for every taste.

The Altai Republic. Unmatched scenery, the romance. Horseback riding, Biking or Hiking – there is everything for active rest. Seasoned travelers suggest not to be lazy and visit the Seminsky pass, they say, not many tourists get there, what a big mistake! The most beautiful places there. Recreation of Altai

Karelia. 27 thousand rivers, a huge number of lakes and attractive for tourists all over the world the Finnish nature. Information: raft kayak, go boating on the lake Ladoga skerries, dive into the waters of the White sea, climb the sacred mountain Nuorunen.

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Baikal. Take a cruise on lake Baikal to experience the grandeur and size of this famous lake. This is one of the cleanest places on the planet – the Baikal water you can drink! Recreation on lake Baikal

Байкал летом

Kamchatka. Don't be afraid if you live in Central Russia. It's not so bad, airlines often give discounts for long-range flights. Kamchatka is famous for the Valley of geysers – one of the seven wonders of Russia and is the only geyser field in Eurasia. Here you can raft the rivers, to climb the volcanoes, even active! And swim in hot springs. Recreation of Kamchatka

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Going on trips

Saint-Petersburg. The best place in Russia, if the purpose of a tourist – cultural centres. Come in the summer, not too suffer from the rain, although here and the calendar summer is not going to be Sunny. For fun here need a significant vacation for a couple of days will not pass the minimum program: St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Winter Palace, the Savior on Blood, Kazan Cathedral, Peter and Paul fortress, the bronze horseman. Even the roof! Guided tours are organized even on the roofs. Definitely worth a visit Peterhof, Pushkin, Selection, Kronstadt and other nearby "Royal" neighborhood of St. Petersburg.


Recreation in the Leningrad region

Moscow. Capital and that's it. St. Basil's Cathedral, Red square, Tverskaya and Arbat street, Tretyakov gallery and Bolshoi theatre. Moscow – a solid attraction. If you live in Russia, but have not been to the capitals, it is a big omission.


Bases of rest the Moscow region

North Caucasus. Mineral waters, Makhachkala and Vladikavkaz – the real discoveries are waiting for you here. Nature. Look!

Фото: Поташникова Мария

Recreation of Dagestan

Gold ring. Anyone who loves history, architecture and architecture of Russia – surely it is time to travel around the Golden Ring. Ancient temples, monasteries and fortresses, the art of the hand of Andrei Rublev and the beautiful nature.

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Caucasian mineral waters – Kislovodsk with the famous Spa Park and mineral waters, Essentuki with their sources, Pyatigorsk attractions, the resort Goryachiy Klyuch. The Baltic sea resorts as suitable – Zelenogradsk, Svetlogorsk, amber.

In the South of Russia, is to visit the Adygea Republic , with its thermal springs, the resorts of Krasnodar Krai and Stavropol.

Family vacation – take the kids

Always consider the age and interests of the child when planning travel. Very small usually only interested in beaches, attractions, zoos. Teenagers come to mind Hiking or other outdoor activities.

The children will be comfortable in the resorts mentioned above, but if it is important that the stay was quiet and peaceful, then choose family resorts of the Azov sea. Kuchugury and stanitsa Golubitskaya – here shallow sea with gently sloping sandy bottom, in may you can swim. Nearby there is a mineral lake.

For families with a child on the Black sea, better to go in the pike perch or the resorts of the southern coast of the Crimea. But remember that it is better at the end of summer if you don't want to fight for a place on the beach.

Краснодарский край

With older children you can go to hike in the Caucasus and the Crimean mountains. Here there are short Hiking trails that will be comfortable and children. Teenagers enjoy kitesurfing in Anapa or in Golubitskaya. On the black sea resorts the kids will love horseback riding and a variety of water sports – catamaran sailing, bungee jumping, boat. And of course water parks! In the South a lot of them, if you go on holiday with children, definitely take them to the Park.

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