Planning a trip to Karelia by car. What is the route?

Korsunskaya Darya
friday, 15 december 2017
Republic of Karelia, a scenic region, welcomes tourists unique scenery of the local forests and lakes. Interestingly, from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk only a few hours drive away. Traveler there is no doubt that the journey time will be unforgettable!

Where to stay along the way?

Moving on Priozersk highway, through 40 km after departure from St. Petersburg to make the first stop in the village Kavgolovo, a popular Kavgolovskie lake. It is characterized by clean water, rich in fish, and surrounded by forest. Those, who came to the fore in the way in the late evening, it is possible to pitch a tent for the night near the lake. Residents of large cities do not always have to be content with a calm and peaceful environment during sleep, and on the shore of the lake, away from the hustle and bustle, the dream promises to be a strong and useful; in the morning you can cool off, swim in the warm water, and continue the path.


But this option is relevant in the summer, and in winter it is better to stay at the recreation center, which will have all the amenities, including the heated room and soft bed. Travelers will find in the country club "North Coast", located next to another lake, Khepoyarvi, separated from kamboi Kavgolovskie narrow ridge.

In fact, the scenic area a lot of decent camp sites that will provide travelers a welcome haven: "the Estate of Captain", "a Tale Granichnykh", "Ohta Park", "Ivanovo Compound".


Further along the way meets a couple of lakes, of great interest for tourists, indifferent to the beautiful natural species. This is the lake of Youth, belted rocky coast, and lake Vuoksa, which attracts novice rafters, because it has one small threshold.

Silenieki and Kitaiskie rocks


Immediately after entering the Republic, as evidenced by the set pointer, is located the threshold of the river Silniki. In all its glory, the threshold appears, if you look at it from the bridge, crossing the river. The dense forest, the silence which breaks the noise of the waters of the river – it is not necessary to see with your own eyes or hear with my own ears, you must feel it. Many tourists turn towards Silenieki not in order, to see its stream, but for the ruins of the old hydroelectric power station, which are located nearby.

Kitaiskie cliff, which is a wall height of 20 metres, growing from the earth, are after Silniki. This natural monument can not only contemplate, but to try to win: the mountaineers have a lot going Hotelskih rocks. Necessary climbing gear you can take with you, or to hire at the rental point. Before, like climbing rocks, you should evaluate your physical capabilities, because this occupation is not so much an exciting and memorable, how dangerous – especially for reckless daredevils.

The Island Of Valaam


Upon arrival in Sortavala is to leave the car and get on the boat "meteor", which will allow to reach the island of Valaam. Apart from the fact, that the island itself is a spectacular place, walk, boat on lake Ladoga gives a lot of pleasant sensations, allows you to relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

The Valaam island is the eponymous village and Valaam monastery, founded hundreds of years ago and preserved to our days. After visiting the monastery, tourists are advised to enjoy views of the St. Nicholas monastery and to see the Valaam cliffs, which constitute an important part of the natural flavor of the island.

Marble canyon Ruskeala


There, in the Sortavala district, is located a monument of history and cultural heritage – marble quarry, filled with groundwater. The marble, extracted in this quarry in the 18-th century, was used in the design of such famous buildings of Saint-Petersburg, as St. Isaac's Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the Hermitage, the Marble Palace and other. From one view to the high marble walls of the quarry and the blue groundwater is breathtaking, so this place is definitely worth a visit and included in tourist routes in Karelia.

The Kivach Waterfall


The name of the waterfall Kivach, located in the eponymous nature reserve, Kondopoga region, means "powerful", "strong", in that it is easy to believe, seeing the waterfall in person. It has a height of 10,4 m and dual stream, descending on the four ledges. According to the stories of tourists, the waterfall looks spectacular during heavy rain. This natural monument is admired Russian poets, who had dedicated works to him: G. R. Derzhavin, F. N. Glinka, N. Glazkov.

It is not necessary to leave the Kivach reserve after exploring the waterfall, since the latter is not its only attraction. On the vast territory of the complex in 10 thousand Hectares is the arboretum and the nature Museum with a rich collection, which includes hundreds of items.

If visiting the reserve with a tour of the falls and other attractions are gone all day, the traveler can spend the night in hotel "Kivach".

Monuments of Russian architecture


Moving in the direction of Prionezhsky region, it is recommended to go to Petrozavodsk, which not only is actively developing along with many Russian cities, but also preserved a lot of monuments of Russian architecture: merchants ' houses, the old Church and MT.p. More similar buildings located in the reserves of Kizhi, which can be reached by boat from Petrozavodsk.

To take time to visit interesting cities and monuments, the tourist will need at least 5 days, taking into account, that the road there and back will take him less than one day. But worth the effort (trip to Karelia "savages" physically and emotionally more difficult, compared to a tourist Agency organized a trip on a comfortable bus and all amenities) will pay for itself the resulting emotions and experiences.