TOP 5 recreation Tver region

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wednesday, 26 february 2020
New set from "" with wonderful places not far from Moscow and Tver. All bases are suitable for vacation in any season.

Recreation center "Mill"

On the banks of the famous lake Seliger is a cozy recreation center "the Mill".

Modern base with bath and guest houses perfect for those who appreciate nature and privacy. For active rest there are all conditions: fishing, excursions, walks on catamarans, equipment for sports games and even services for the preparation of trophies.

Each cottage has a fitted kitchen, diet is assumed to be independent. Of course, there is a BBQ and gazebo.


Distance from:
Veliky Novgorod - 203.6 km
Moscow - 302.6 km
Saint Petersburg - 366 km
Tver - 161.1 km
How to get there:
Tver region, Ostashkov district, the village of Nizhniye kotitsy, ul Berezovaya 4
from Moscow by car by Novorizhskoye shosse 100 km from the town of Volokolamsk, landmark – post of GAI. Further past the station Shakhovskaya, through the city of Teeth – before turning to the city of Rzhev. Near the traffic police post and a petrol station "Tvernefteprodukt" turn to the right. Then move through Rzhev to Ostashkov pointer on a circular area with the tank you need to turn right onto the bridge across the Volga. Next, go to the traffic light near the market and in front of him to go left. Then drive through the village Selizharovo, through the village Zekhnovo to the sign on the village of Nizhniye kotitsy. At the sign turn right and move further to the bridge over the river Selizharovka, then over a metal fence to the left and right between the houses to the right. Next to the fork on her right to enter the territory of base of rest (be a barrier).
Prices from 3000 rubles/day

The residence of the "Prince's island"

Another place on the Bank of Seliger lake – the residence of the "Prince's island".

The residence has its own farm, all the conditions for fishing, hunting and water sports. The complex offers services for celebrations and events.

Accommodation in comfortable cottages of different sizes. The residence is famous for the unique design of each of the cottages.

Includes Breakfast in the restaurant on site, for younger guests there is a petting zoo and a Playground.


Distance from:
Moscow - 337.2 km
Saint Petersburg - 328.4 miles
Tver - 189.2 km
How to get there:
Tver region, Ostashkov district, the village of Kniazha
From St. Petersburg:
You must drive on the highway St. Petersburg- Moscow via Yazhelbitsy, Demyansk to Ostashkov. In Ostashkov the signs: b/o "Peno", then D. Khitino where is the pyramid of Hunger, then straight through the pointer to d/on "Seliger" in the village of Novye Eltsy, the visitors are welcomed by the administration database.
The price from 14000 rubles/day

The base of rest "Old SIG"

Popular among connoisseurs of country rest base "Old SIG". The complex is located at the Whitefish lake in Tver region.

"Old SIG" invites guests to enjoy fishing, hunting and relaxing with family and friends.

Accommodation – separate houses with different capacity, two-storey and single-storey. For summer holidays there are tent cabins right on the lake.

There is an eco-farm, so guests can enjoy the only natural and healthy dishes from the menu of the local refectory.

At the recreation center has sports equipment, barbecues and gazebos, archery, shooting, mini-football court and as many as three baths: four small, two-story for a large company and a floating mini bath. An ideal place for healthy and tasty holiday.


Distance from:
Veliky Novgorod - 201.3 km
Moscow - 308.4 km
Saint Petersburg - 364.7 km
Tver - 168.5 km
Prices from 2000 rubles/day

Guest house "the lake"

In the village of Nizhniye kotitsy, on the Bank of Seliger lake, surrounded by forests and meadows is a cozy guest house "the lake". This option is most suitable for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Bath, gazebo with grill, picnic stuff and relaxing holiday – it's about the houses "the lake".

To embed the complex has 4 two-storey houses. Each floor has room for four. There is a separate house with a large fireplace for large groups of up to ten people. All rooms have a small kitchen with a kettle, fridge, stove.


Distance from:
Veliky Novgorod - 310 km
Moscow - 350 km
Saint Petersburg - 366.3 km
Tver - 180 km
Prices from 750 RUB/day

Eco-hotel "the New ark"

The last set of holiday collections are also located on lake Seliger. "New ark" is ideal for agro - and ecotourism. Here there are stables, farm. The restaurants spoil the guests with natural meals with ingredients from the farm.

Accommodation the eco-friendly variety: the rooms of the hotel complex, separate apartments in the cottages, the colorful towers and cozy campsites on the shore for a summer vacation.

The complex has two restaurants and a bar. Lovers of fine spirits will appreciate the wine list, cocktails with appetizers and lots of Beers.

"New ark" offers a large selection of sports entertainment, gym, Billiards, sports equipment rental, Playground with swings and carousels. After the activities the hotel offers a Russian steam bath on firewood, a sauna or even a SPA salon.

The recreation center is suitable for celebrations and corporate events, a conference hall, Banquet hall, possibility to order the leading.


Distance from:
Veliky Novgorod - 161.1 km
Moscow - 400 km
Saint Petersburg is 430 km
Tver - 182.1 km
How to get there:
By public transport:
  • by bus: from Tushinskaya bus station by bus Moscow-Ostashkov. Ostashkov You can transfer independently or by taxi;
  • by train: from Leningradsky railway station to railway station Tver. From Tver to Torzhok you can get the Shuttle bus leaves from the bus station or by taxi - leaves from a stop opposite the railway station.
By car from Moscow:
  • along the Novorizhskoye highway (M9): Moscow — Volokolamsk — Shakhovskaya — Zubtsov — Rzhev — Selizharovo — Ostashkov;
  • on the Leningrad highway (M10): Moscow — Klin — Tver — Torzhok — Kuvshinovo — Ostashkov.
Price from 2400 rubles/day