TOP 5 cheap hostels in Leningrad region for corporate entertainment

Korsunskaya Darya
tuesday, 14 november 2017
Coming new year holidays, and options for corporate parties there? Make a choice in favor of country trip! With you – the desire to have a good time and the location for fun. TURBAZA.RU made for you TOP 5 budget recreation of the Leningrad region!

Country club "Pine"


Country club "Pine" is located 119 km from St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland. This place is distinguished not only developed infrastructure and picturesque nature, but also a large number of interesting places. For example, in a walking distance from the clubhouse are the ruins of the fortress Trongzund and Niemirska battery. Center of attraction is fishing and boat trips.

The room Fund of base of rest are one - and double rooms in various price categories, as well as two-bedroom family apartments. Big companies here offer to rent two-storey cottages (VIP suites) and large cottages that can accommodate up to 24 people.

For corporate otdyha pikhtovoe – the perfect place. You with colleagues offers not only a huge amount of entertainment, but also the services of a local professional Manager for the organization of events.

 8ed446382092cc31ed4f9f6d5185bd81Only 86 sleeps:

  • 4 single rooms
  • 11 double rooms
  • 3 suites
  • 2 bedroom family-room
  • 2 VIP suites
Where? How much is it? What are the conditions? Why this is cool?
  • Vyborg R-n, settlement Fir

  • Accommodation – 3 490 rubles per day;
  • The Banquet – from 2000 RUB.;
  • Hall rental – 5000 RUB.

Max. occupancy – 80 people

  • Organization of celebrations and corporate events;
  • Apartments of various level of comfort and cost;
  • Conference hall for 70 persons;
  • Free: WI-FI, audio equipment, flip charts;
  • Billiards and bowling.
  • Wine cellar (!);
  • The ability of families with children – there is a trampoline and 2 children's playgrounds;
  • A Jacuzzi, fireplace and steam room;
  • The pool in summer and skating rink in the winter!
  • Corporate holidays at any time of the year with a full collprograms.
How to prepare money?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the country club "Fir"
≈ 70 000 RUB – daily accommodation
≈ 250, 000. – accommodation, entertainment, food and alcohol

Country club "Dacha"


Country club "Dacha" is a modern and comfortable resort, built in the best traditions of old Russian country estates. The club is located near the river Vuoksa in the 82 km. from St. Petersburg.

The room Fund includes rooms of the hotel complex of different sizes, as well as the cottages and townhouses. There is also a restaurant serving Russian and European cuisine, where on weekends you can hear live music. In addition there are bath and sports facilities, massage services. Also, there are playgrounds and sports equipment rental.

Business card of the country club is considered a private mini zoo, army Museum "In Kexholm direction", as well as guided tours to the administration of the camp site calls "a journey through the United States on the time machine."

Corporate clients is the conference hall rental, banquets or team buildings, organization of master-classes, quests and tastings. Also available everything you need to organize informal holiday in a circle of colleagues with a barbecue, fishing and outdoor activities for every taste.

Only 350 beds:ff9bdb8509165e390a000a246ad5151a

  • 28 double rooms
  • 20 cottages for 6 people.
  • 2 cottages for 10 and 24 people.
  • 3 cottages for 8 people.
  • Town house with 16 rooms for 6 pers.
Where? How much is it? What are the conditions? Why this is cool?
  • Priozerskiy R-n, settlement Petrovskoe

  • Accommodation – from 3 400 RUB./day;
  • Banya – from 5 000 rubles/2 hours;
  • The average check at the restaurant – 1 500 RUB/person.
  • Accommodation with a pet fee;
  • The room Fund of different levels of comfort and cost;
  • Well-developed infrastructure.
  • A huge amount of fun;
  • In the large pool;
  • The possibility of combining active relaxation and Wellness treatments.
How to prepare money?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the country club "Dacha"
≈ 40 000 RUB – daily accommodation in cottage
≈ 100, 000. – accommodation, entertainment, food and alcohol

Baza Otdykha tri Medvedya


Baza Otdykha tri Medvedya is located slightly closer to 73 km. from Saint-Petersburg on the Bank of Michurinskoye lake. The infrastructure of the camp site consists of three large cottage can accommodate up to 15 people, there is also a bar, barbecue and campfire sites, a Russian sauna with a plunge pool and an equipped beach.

Corporate clients here are encouraged to rent a cottage, but if you decide to bring children under 12 years will stay free of charge.

For entertainment you have a private zoo, fishing and water sports, if you want in just five minutes you and your colleagues can travel to the equestrian club and the picturesque camp site gives rein to imagination for organizing theme parties.




Only 45 sleeps:

3 cottages for 15 people.

Where? How much is it? What are the conditions? Why this is cool?
  • Priozersky district, V. Michurinskaya, Pervomayskaya str. 27B

  • Accommodation – 8 000 RUB/day;
  • Russian sauna – 4000 RUB/4 hours for 10 people.
  • The possibility of accommodating a large company;
  • Pets need to be discussed in advance;
  • Private Parking.
  • Conducting informal activities;
  • Pedestrian access to "civilization";
  • Well-developed infrastructure.
How to prepare money?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the recreation center "the Three bears"
≈ 45 000 RUB – daily accommodation in cottage
≈ 150 000 RUB. – accommodation, entertainment, food and alcohol

The base of rest "Tamengont"


The base of rest "Tamengont" – hostel Lomonosov district with its own lake and a distance of 43 km from St. Petersburg. This holiday village is located in the neighborhood with numerous sights of the Leningrad region, among them the House of Peter the great, the Konstantinovsky Palace and others.

The infrastructure of recreation includes the room Fund of the hotel complex, spacious cottages, a bathhouse and Banquet hall – a "living wage" for a successful outing.

This option would be ideal for those seeking the best combination of price and quality for a quite affordable cost you will be offered several options for accommodation and will be offered Russian, European and Caucasian cuisine at a local restaurant. More from country to happen here and is not required – it's pretty comfortable and even at home.

The big companies we highly recommend to book in advance. For example, requests for the New Year in the "Tamengont" are accepted since the summer.



A total of 40 beds:

  • 4 cottages for 6 people.
  • 8 double rooms
Where? How much is it? What are the conditions? Why this is cool?
  • Lomonosovskiy R-n, d. Tamengont

  • Accommodation – from 2 500 RUB/day;
  • Bath – 1 200 RUB./hour
  • You are isolated from the outside world;
  • Comfortable room Fund of different companies.
  • Special offer for Christmas and new year period;
  • A pleasant combination of "quality/price";
  • Ideal for lovers of peace and tranquility.
How much money to prepare?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the recreation center "Lamington"
≈ 30 000 RUB – daily room cottages with bath
≈ 100, 000. – accommodation, entertainment, food and alcohol

Recreation "Economy Good"


The base of rest "Good Economy" is one of the most charming cottages in Leningrad region. It is located on the territory of the Vsevolozhsk district, just 35 km. from St. Petersburg.

Here you will not find grandiose buildings, luxury tents and modern sports facilities: everything is very original, in the spirit of the old time. In the summer here it seems that you traveled a few hundred years ago, and in winter – the real winter Wonderland, and if you go a little deeper into the forest, be sure to find sitting around the campfire the very elderly of the fairy tale "Twelve months". By the way, this just might be your idea for themed parties!

Corporate clients are invited here not only to relax fishing or for a game of Billiards from the usual hustle and bustle, but also to organize a master class or training in a specially equipped for such events is the conference room.

Place for banquets you can choose a local restaurant "Russkoe Podvorie", can easily accommodate up to 70 people, or you can take the barbecue area, equipped with everything you need to cook a festive dinner.


41 bed:

  • House for 4 people.
  • House for 5 people.
  • 2 houses for 8 people.
  • House for 16 people.
Where? How much is it? What are the conditions? Why this is cool?
  • Vsevolozhskiy R-n, D. Vaskelovo

  • Accommodation – from 700 RUB./day;
  • Rent meeting room – 300 RUB/hour;
  • Rent the entire recreation – from 80 000 RUB./day.
  • Private lake, populated by fish;
  • Farm products;
  • Pets.
  • Complete freedom of action;
  • Not far from the city;
  • The scenic area;
  • Identity infrastructure.
How much money is needed?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the recreation center "Economy Good"
≈ 30 000 RUB – daily accommodation in cottages
Approximately 80 000 rubles accommodation, entertainment, food and alcohol