TOP 5 tourist "all inclusive" for corporate rest in Moscow suburbs

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tuesday, 12 september 2017
To rent the restaurant for corporate party in the city – convenient option. However, the menu is hardly very diverse, and the traditional contests with disguises is already stuffed mouth. Earlier we talked about places for a budget business stay. This collection will be useful, first and foremost, fans walk in a big way.

 "Arthurs Village"

Country SPA-hotel "Arthurs Village" is located 38 km from Moscow, on the territory of the municipal district of Mytishchi. Corporate clients here includes not only the organization of corporate recreation, but also the educational and business events.

If your colleagues are not enthusiastic about active pastime, Village – the perfect place for corporate parties. Here you relax, try various SPA treatments and enjoy the cuisine of five continents.

The recreation center includes a huge the number of rooms of varying capacity and comfort level, a SPA centre and a gym, 8 restaurants, marquee, Banquet hall, many locations for corporate events and entertainment.

Where? How much is it? What are the conditions? Why this is cool?
  • 20 km from MKAD along the Dmitrovskoe highway
  • D. Larevo
  • Accommodation – from 5900 RUB per person/day
  • Rent meeting room for 8-10 hours – from 20 000 RUB.
  • Three meals a day
  • Entertainment for children and adults
  • Free admission to Wellness center
  • The organization of corporate events
  • SPA-center
  • Best SPA hotel near Moscow 2016
  • A huge selection of entertainment
How to prepare money?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the hotel "Arthurs Village"
140 thousand rubles – day accommodation and transfers
320 thousand roubles – accommodation, entertainment, food and alcohol

Eco-hotel "Lepota"


Eco-friendly "lepota" created for corporate and leisure activities. It hosts beach volleyball tournaments and tennis, check out who shoots better with a crossbow, or go for a walk along the famous path of health in the suburbs. The hotel also offers rental equipment for any countryside activities – from barbecues to bikes.

Here are a SPA, two Banquet halls for 100 and 200 persons, restaurants and a meeting room that gives you the opportunity to combine corporate education, addressing operational matters and rest in an informal setting.

Perhaps the most exciting format corporate event here is rafting on the river by boat or kayak, followed by a dinner in the best traditions of Russian cuisine. And if you decide to bring in leisure and educational elements, the team of the hotel complex will be happy to arrange a tour of the local city Taldom.


How much is it?

What are the conditions?

Why this is cool?

  • 87 km. from Moscow
  • D. Votra
  • Accommodation – from 3600 RUB. per person/day
  • Banquet/buffet – from 2500 RUB. per person
  • 2 Banquet halls and 1 meeting room
  • Infrastructure for active rest
  • 5 point license plate Fund
  • The Bank of the river Dubna
  • The Museum-reserve of Dmitrov Kremlin was 4.77 km.
  • Rental horses
  • A large choice of activities
How to prepare money?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the hotel "Lepota"
≈ 100 thousand rubles – the daily accommodation in apartments
Her 250 thousand rubles for the accommodation, organization of corporate events turnkey
*On the hotel website there is a calculation function of the event Online

The Estate "Bolshakovo"


The estate "Bolshakovo" located near the eponymous village on the banks of the river Bathhouse Solnechnogorsk district.

Guests of the estate offers large two-bedroom cottage, built in Chalet-style. Here are the company for up to 40 people. As locations for corporate event team offers a summer terrace with bar, barbecue area and Banquet facilities for a menu that meet professional chef. If you prefer an informal stay in a circle of colleagues, you will like the kitchen in the cottage, equipped with everything necessary for cooking dinner.

Entertainment is traditional for countryside recreation: a bath and a sauna, Billiards and table tennis, a gym area and pool. A nice bonus is the availability of the services of photographer and cameraman at the event.


How much is it?

What are the conditions?

Why this is cool?

  • 14km from Moscow
  • D. Bolshakovo
  • Rent a cottage (up to 45 persons) – from 60 000 rubles.
  • Rental guest house (10 people) – from 15 000 RUB.
  • Rent tent – from 50 000 RUB.
  • Transfer
  • The cottage can accommodate up to 45 people
  • Cook
  • The river Bath (300m)
  • Services event organizer
  • Developed infrastructure of the complex
How to prepare money?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people in pomestye Bolshakovo
≈ 85 000. – accommodation and transfer from Moscow city centre
≈ 200 000 – accommodation, entertainment, food and alcohol
*The rent on weekdays are lower than weekend.

Cottage complex "Palisade Resort"

Here, you can go to sleep in a small cosy villas that can accommodate up to 9 people. The food here is the main dishes of Russian cuisine – simple and tasteful.

Guests Palisade Resort go for a horse ride, compete with your colleagues on the tennis court, health picnic on the beach or have a barbecue and relax in the sauna. On the territory there is a Banquet hall and a summer tent.

A nice bonus for you when you select the "Polygardens Resort" as a platform for corporate party will be able to compose a festive menu to suit the theme of the event. Local chefs will be happy to embody your every gastronomic whim. Full service and live entertainment – complete.

Where? How much is it? What are the conditions? Why this is cool?
  • 87,2 km from Moscow
  • D. Arneyevo
  • Accommodation up to 7 people – 25 000 RUB/night
  • Rooms – 4 villas with shared accommodation for up to 36 people
  • Russian restaurant
  • Banquet hall
  • Tennis court
  • Horseback riding
  • Beautiful nature
  • Active water and land recreation
How much money to prepare?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the "Resort Polygardens"
≈ 90 000 RUB. – accommodation and transfer from Moscow city centre
≈ 200, 000. – accommodation, entertainment, food and alcohol
*The more you spend time here, the less the rent.

Country club 4 seasons

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Country club 4 seasons – a perfect place corporate event.

For each format of the event prepared its own venue: a Banquet hall for 120 people for large gatherings and celebrations, a restaurant for 60 people for corporate modest, stable and Racecourse – as an option for team building, 9 spaces for conferences, lectures and master classes, along with complex in case of important negotiations.

The hotel also features Kvestor is a games room with hiding places and puzzles of different difficulty levels. Guests are encouraged to get out of a closed room within 60 minutes.


How much is it?

What are the conditions?

Why this is cool?

  • 85,3 km. from Moscow
  • D. Vasilevsky
  • Accommodation – from 3900 RUB per person/night
  • Breakfast is included in the price
  • The NARA river (Oka) – 2 km
  • Historical and natural attractions in the surrounding area
How to prepare money?
Minimum check for the corporate event for 20 people at the hotel "4 seasons"
≈ 100, 000. – accommodation with transfer from Moscow city centre
≈ 220, 000. – accommodation, organization and conduction of the event, food and alcohol