Top 7 most beautiful places of Moscow suburbs

Korsunskaya Darya
wednesday, 21 march 2018
The suburbs is one of the leading regions in Russia by quantity of places and attractions. Ancient temples and old mansions, classic parks and protected areas! The Magazine "" has produced the TOP most beautiful and interesting places in Moscow region.


Unique large-scale exhibition of ETNOMIR is, in fact, a miniature model of the world. Only here for one day to visit several countries and on several continents. The life of each country is presented in detail recreated atodorov embodying the traditions of the peoples of our planet.


Want to learn more about each area of the Park? Refer to the "custodians of tradition" - they open the secrets of the customs and beliefs of his people. And here daily are held here, dozens of workshops and excursions, where you will try yourself as a Potter, a Baker, a soap-boiler or the artist on wood and water.

Besides a huge number of needlework shops, there is an area of enclosures with friendly, furry husky offers a walk through the forest maze, and you can conquer the peaks ropes course.

For guests wishing to stay in the Park several days, the ten themed hotels traditional houses: Ukrainian hut, Nepali home or Khakas Yurt. Prefer complete unity with nature? Grab a tent and come on-site cultural and educational center is especially equipped camping area.

How to get there: from Moscow there are regular trains and Express trains to the station Balabanovo, from which through Borovsk for half an hour to get to the Park. Total journey time: 2-2.5 hours.

Locations nearby: Etotal "India", Etotal "Ukraine".

Gremyachiy Klyuch

Most visited religious place of the Moscow region is the waterfall gremyachiy key or how this place is called, Svyatogor'e.
According to legend, in the middle of the XIV century it was father Sergius's disciple, the Holy Roman Kirzhach. Because they wanted to drink, and there was not a single brook, St. Sergius turned to God with a plea and struck the rock with his staff, after which the slope of the opened source of delicious, healthful water.


But not only because of the special waters of this place attract tourists. You can also visit the Church of the Forty martyrs of Sebaste, go programowej territory and garden, go to the refectory, nursery, buy Souvenirs.

How to get there: by public transport take the train to Sergiev Posad, and then sit on the bus. Travelling by car on the highway А108 go to the village of Botovo and turn on the way to the village Wzglednie. It will have to leave and 15 minutes to walk, drive up to the falls will be quite difficult. Journey time – 2 hours.

Space for guests: the hotel "Voskhod", Spa hotel "Lafer Renaissance"

Estate Of Marfino

Usadba-Marfino_1024-min-1 0_182027_9f182e1a_orig6303fb2fe8d4553fc9d29ce82edc5bfeмарфионмаарфино

The European area of Moscow region estate of Marfino, located 50 km from the city. The history of the estate is closely connected with the famous Saltykov family, Panin, Golitsyn. Also, there have often been Vigel and Karamzin.

For its time Marfino was a unique place: two-storey Palace in the Gothic style with Lancet Windows and pointed turrets, a pond in front of him instead of the usual front yard decoration in the form of griffins, sweeping staircases – all this attracts visitors today. On the estate there are two churches: Peter and Paul and the Nativity of the virgin. The last of them, Prince Golitsyn was unhappy and, by his order, the architect was hewn. Unfortunately, the heart of the architect could not resist, and he died during the execution of the order.
This place is often used as a film set. Here were filmed episodes of "the Master and Margarita", "Crusader", "Women who sings".

How to get there: along the Dmitrovskoe highway through the Khimki and Dolgoprudny need to drive to the village of Sukharevo, then turn on Marfino. Journey time is just over an hour. The only thing you need to think in advance is the passport to the Palace, since now the estate is situated on the territory of the military sanatorium and not available for public access.

Places for accommodation nearby: SPA-hotel "Arthurs Village", Sanatorium "marfinskiy"

The Park

In 15 kilometers from Moscow, is situated the Vorontsov Park with cascading ponds and ancient architecture.


In the Park, which is 40.7 ha, is located the homonymous estate, which has absorbed all the charm of the architecture of the early 19th century. The first owner was a boyar Vorontsov. Interestingly, in the oldest area of the Park is still preserved limes and oaks planted during construction. For 2 centuries, a lot has happened with the estate that there were secret plant for the production of balloons, which had to be eliminated with the arrival of the French in 1812; and the biological station; and the pig farm; and a soccer field with barrack buildings. All this did not contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, so by the end of the 20th century, the mansion was in complete ruins.

Restore history and restore the remains, it was decided in 2006 and a year later everyone opened the doors of the Church of the Holy Trinity is the main attraction of the Park. In addition, you can take a boat ride on the famous ponds, from which follows the river border which is the Ramenka. Don't be bored and the children there are playgrounds, amusement rides, outdoor cafes. In the summer, held flash mobs, promotions, quests, city events.

Getting there: 15-20 minutes walking distance from the metro station "Kaluga" and you are there!

Places for accommodation nearby: Park-hotel Congress-Park "Volynsk", Park-hotel "Vnukovo-Kartmazovo".

Museum-estate "Arkhangelsk"

Arkhangelsk is a place for lovers to visit museums and stroll through the garden and Park complexes, discovering unknown pages of the Russian past.
The original name of the estate – Apolozie. It came from the name of one of the first owners – Alexei Polozkova. Later it acquired a modern version of the name, as its territory was eponymous Church, built before the laying of the first stone in the Foundation of the manor.


Now you can visit one of the major collections of rare books – sixteen thousand copies! Here you can see historical documents, old manuscripts and photographs from the past. A special impression is made of the collection of engravings, paintings and sculptures.

Some visitors say that the Arkhangelskoye estate is similar to Versailles because of the unique composition of the Park, born in the heyday of the classical period. In the composition of the merged tastes of several styles: balance and rigor of the logic of composition, characteristic of the Renaissance; the clarity of the lines and the symmetry inherent in the French regular parks; the landscape and the lightness of the space, reminiscent of classic English landscaping.

For guests of the Park organized excursions, through which anyone can learn more about the Park and its history and join the Russian and European cultural heritage.

How to get there: if you are coming by public transport, will have to change the station Shakhovskaya on the bus 891 or from the metro station Tushinskaya bus 540. Journey time – 1 hour.

Places for accommodation nearby: Club hotel Romashkovo farm, Country hotel "Novakoff geo-Spa"

Sergiev Posad

piously-troitsk-sergieva-of-laurelsсергиев-посад-sergiev-posadпосаааааад церквоьпосад

An hour drive from Moscow in the North-East lies the town of Sergiev Posad, the spiritual center of Russia and one of the most beautiful places of the "Golden ring".
This place has various objects of ecclesiastical and religious heritage: the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, where to this day there is the choice of the Patriarch of All Russia; and the Moscow Theological Academy with a Seminary producing the Russian clergy; and the monastery in the center of which you can admire the Tsar bell, weighing 72 tons; and tower, with a height of 88 meters, visible from any part of the monastery.

The peculiarity of this place was a unique collection of toys – 30 thousand exhibits from Russia and neighboring Eastern countries. A local College wishing to learn making traditional national toy.

The Museum complex in Sergiev Posad is a true "Hermitage Russian art". It occupies the third position in the ranking of museums with the greatest number of exhibits, second only to the St. Petersburg Hermitage and the Armoury chamber.

How to reach: from the Yaroslavl station by direct train.

Places for accommodation nearby: Hotel "Royal village", boutique Hotel "Gallery"


"Russian Switzerland" or officially Zvenigorod is located 46 kilometers from Moscow. According to one version, the city was named so because of the often resonant bell ringing coming from the several churches.


The Western part of the city was formerly the centre of the settlement, so there lies the Kremlin, or, as it is called by Zvenigorod – Town. Here you can stroll through the grounds of one of the oldest temples of the Moscow Dormition Church. Definitely need to go inside the building, admire the frescoes and paintings of the famous iconographer Andrei Rublev.

Not the last place in the list of attractions is the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery, which managed to keep almost unchanged. At the same time you can eat, because it is famous for its pastries and delicious drink, and kvass.

How to get there: from Nevelskogo and Belorusskiy railway stations are direct trains, and also from the metro station "Strogino" is a bus 881.

Places for nearby accommodation: Country hotel "Velich Country Club", the Chalet-hotel "Taiga cottages"