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Kaliningrad oblast

Kaliningrad oblast is a region very different from other parts of our country. Everything here is unique: architecture, landscapes, people and names. Recreation in Kaliningrad region is a European vacation in Russia. It is quiet, peaceful and calm, come here to listen to the sound of the waves, inhale the scent of pine needles in the woods and enjoy the narrow cobblestone streets and "gingerbread" Prussian houses.

Recreation in Kaliningrad region offering the maximum of comfort and a variety of excursions. The old Teutonic castles and fortresses, national parks and unique natural phenomena – can all be found here. Hostels Kaliningrad region provide an opportunity to see unique and local nature. The Curonian spit, unexplained "dancing" forest and Swan lake – the unique natural monuments, must-see to all lovers of tourism and recreation.