Priozersky district

Located in the North-Eastern part of the Karelian isthmus on the Western shore of lake Ladoga.

Stay in Priozersk district of the most often performed out of town at camp sites where a lot of clear lakes, sandy beaches and pine forests which are so valuable lovers of country rest.

Winter outdoor activity is represented by a variety of ski resorts and lodges, such as: "Igora", "Red lake" resort "Snow" in settlement korobitsyno ski centre "Golden valley" as well as country clubs, gated complexes, parks, active recreation and many stunning recreation.

Attractions are connected with a rich history and impressive nature, among them: and fortress "korella" of the XIII century, the Church of St. Andrew, located on the monolithic rock in the middle of the river Vuoksi, the Lutheran Church, Metochion of the Valaam monastery and All Saints Church. Among the scenic places, the world famous island of Valaam and Konevets.

Every traveler will find here: tourism, rafting, pilgrimage, fishing, hundreds of Islands, lakes, rapids, bays, Ladoga skerries, cliffs, bays, magnificent Karelian, rich in mushrooms and berries, forest.