Popular resorts Murmansk oblast

Murmansk oblast

Murmansk oblast is located in the North-West of Russia and borders Finland and Norway and in the South – with the Republic of Karelia.

The region includes the Kola Peninsula, it occupies almost 70% of its area. Its rocky Eastern coast is the center of port-cities. The largest of them – Murmansk, it is the center region and the largest city of the Arctic.

Stay in the Murmansk region is, first and foremost, the hunting of Arctic game and fishing for valuable fish species the Barents and White sea. Also come here to admire the unique beauty of the region: clear blue lakes, beautiful flashes of Northern lights, snow-covered tundra and hills, from the crimson of ripe cranberries.

Recreation Murmansk region offer their services all year round: in winter you can visit places with the equipped ski slopes and cascading descents, and in the summer boating, picking mushrooms and berries, or hunting with a camera is saving to the memory of the little corners of great beauty.