The Republic Of Dagestan

Stay in the Republic of Dagestan is an opportunity to feel the full flavor of the East without leaving the country. It has everything: bustling bazaars where you can buy gorgeous handmade carpets, filigree jewelry, and fabrics of extraordinary beauty.

The locals are friendly and always ready to receive tourists. However, we should be extremely correct and careful. As in any Islamic country, in Dagestan it is better not to discuss religion, not to wear provocative clothes, and not to violate local customs.

Dagestan – the land of mountains, is simply a Paradise for lovers of multi-day trekking. The green slopes of the mountains is not only picturesque scenery but also the opportunity to stroll on an excursion to the ancient fortresses, temples and ruins of cities. Camp sites and bases of rest of the Republic of Dagestan offer different types of holidays, because you can lie on the beach on the shore of the Caspian sea, the days to roam the ancient streets of Makhachkala and Derbent, or to spend a vacation in long hikes on mountain trails.