The Republic Of Mordovia

The Republic of Mordovia – an amazing region of the Volga, the main wealth of which are rivers, lakes, fields and forests, and scenic landscapes that convey the flavor of Russian nature.

Its tourist appeal is due not only to the charm of the wild landscape, but the presence of a large number of architectural monuments and pilgrimage facilities, making the stay in the Republic of Mordovia is very informative and interesting. The most outstanding attractions of these places are built on ancient canons of the Ioanno-Bogoslovskaya Church, St. Olga's monastery, Museum of Erzya, as well as the magnificent Cathedral Ushakov.

Sightseeing tours of Mordovia are becoming more popular, which leads to the appearance of new hotels. And for those who prefer urban landscapes and the noise of leaves, the singing of forest birds, a great place for a holiday will become a tourist camping and recreation in the Republic of Mordovia.