Alagirskiy district

Alagirsky district is the largest in North Ossetia – it covers an area of over 2000 sq km, located in the South of the Republic, surrounded by picturesque mountain landscapes of the Caucasus. The district covers the many rivers and streams, as well as a huge number of monuments of nature, which are his main asset. These include caves, gorges, numerous mineral springs and wells, deposits of rocks, waterfalls, lakes and groves of valuable trees. About 30 hectares is part of the North-Ossetian nature reserve. In addition to natural attractions, while relaxing in alagirsky area you can see and artificial monuments – ancient settlements, Jimhickey fortress of the XIII century, Svyato-Voznesensky Cathedral of the XIX century and monasteries were built in our time. And fans of extreme sports can enjoy exciting rafting on the river Ardon.