Chernoe sea

The landlocked Black sea is connected by the Straits to the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. A relatively small area (438 600 km2) and the protection of the Northern coast mountains, makes the reservoir suitable for recreation, especially for children.

The pride of the Black sea – a variety of beaches: sandy and pebbly, wild and comfortable. Rich and fauna of the black sea, represented by algae, mussels, scallops, oysters, crabs, various fish species and water birds. Tourist base contribute to a comfortable and safe stay of tourists on the coast: in addition to the rental of water transport they organize the work of rescuers and medical workers.

The holiday region offers plenty of accommodation of different levels, help guides and tour buses, water parks and amusement parks for children, medical treatment. Vacation on the Black sea will appeal to tourists of any age, the main thing – to find a suitable camp site with the necessary infrastructure and services.