Sinyash river

Sinach river flows on the territory of Kochkurovsky district of Mordovia Republic, and is a major tributary of the Sura river. Presumably, its name consists of two components: "sang" blue and "asho" – white. Sinas has a length of 35 km and flows mostly through small towns, only in the end of the road, before flowing into the Surah, it goes into the uninhabited forest. Near the village of Morani on the bed of the hand formed a small, but quite picturesque pond. Stay on the river Sinach mainly involves a standard outdoor life: in the coastal villages, there are hostels, which offer accommodation, rent baths, the possibilities for active recreation and picnics in the fresh air. In addition, river fishing, although most visiting anglers prefer to go for trophies on the Bank of Sura.