NARA river

The river Nara is one of the most picturesque tributaries of the Oka river. Flows through the Moscow and Kaluga regions. Has a length of 158 kilometers. At its banks stretched the expanse of the city of Serpukhov and Obninsk. Holidays on the river Nara is, first and foremost, a successful fishing trip. Its waters are inhabited by such representatives of fish as pike, perch, carp, ASP, Chub and others. A valid fishing both from a boat and from the shore. For hunting underwater inhabitants local fishermen recommend the use of spinning and bait cranky. Close to the river Nara is a picturesque waterfall, which was named the rainbow, thanks to the magic of light refraction in the streams of water. The most suitable period to visit the natural object since the beginning of July to mid-August.