Kama river

Kama ‒ the largest and most picturesque tributary of the Volga, the length of which is 1805 km away from the source on the Verkhnekamskaya highland to the mouth in the Kuibyshev reservoir. Unique landscapes of the river are cause for admiration. No wonder Russian people resigned to the Kama river and its surrounding area is filled with emotional songs.

The journey "savage" and comfortable stay on one of numerous camp sites Kama will put yourself in an equally pleasant experience. The best place to stay on the Kama ‒ natural Park "Sharkan", Minnows, Nechkyne with a unique national Park, shores of lakes and Wild fence with the remnants of ancient settlements, Doxa, Dolesova and many others.

The Kama river is found about forty species of fish. It catfish, sturgeon, sterlet, carp, bream, and white bream, Chub and not only. Especially lucky fishermen can catch trout, rainbow trout or grayling, which sometimes swim into the upper reaches of the river.