Enisey river

The Yenisei ‒ the largest sink (624 km3) river of Russia ‒ no wonder devoted a lot of poems and songs. The beauty of the river, length of 3487 km from the city of Kyzyl to the Kara sea - amazing. Anashenskiy Bor, "King-fish" on the rock-the plumb line over the river, the Park "Swarms Creek" with a colorful flora and fauna, the nature reserve "Stolby", a unique river station is far from all the attractions "the priest-Yenisei".

Tourists can stay at one of the lodges on the Yenisei or to travel through it to swim to the boat or kayak. And in that and in other case it will be noticeable the unique atmosphere of the Astrakhan water spaces. But the surest way to feel the beauty of the river ‒ fishing on it. Pike, grayling, burbot, tench, lamprey, Peled, salmon, sturgeon, trout, whitefish, catfish are waiting for their divers in the calm waters of the Yenisei.