Klyazyma river

The Klyazma river is the second longest (686 km) left tributary of the Oka. The river flows from the hills to the mouth of the Oka near Gorbatov the famous ancient sites of man from the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. Stay on the Klyazma can be a real journey through historical landmarks. Here is Slavic burial mounds and reminders of the XII century Vladimir-Suzdal Principality.
Travelers can rest comfortably in the lap of nature, breaking camp or choosing one of the comfortable hostels of the Klyazma river. In the winter all skiers waiting "Puzhalova Gora" ‒ a famous ski resort. A very popular kayaking on the Klyazma and, of course, fishing.
In this river lives a bleak, Podust, Dace, bream, burbot, IDE, Chub, pike, ruff, gudgeon and perch. The most favorable places for fishing ‒ eco-friendly and clean the lower reaches of the Klyazma river.