8 signs that it's time to go on vacation

Korsunskaya Darya
wednesday, 11 december 2019
To do what you love or to work for a big goal? Or maybe you're just a workaholic, and the rest you don't need? No matter how you look at it, but every body needs a break, and the Camp site.Roux tells why.

Groundhog day

You think that every day is like the previous one. You are constantly in the process of problem solving – home, work, or whatever. The pursuit of 100% fulfillment, circulation problems or even an abundance of pleasant trouble – all of this you can forget that you are a living person, whose resources are not limitless. The body may respond to you by stress, illness or depressed state, it is not necessary to bring to it. Even if you enjoy the fast paced life, indulge in a three-day change of scenery. You can go for the weekend out of the city and stop the cycle of endless Affairs.

No time for Hobbies

Have you constantly got better things to do, isn't it? The time favorite hobby is gone, think well over a month-the other hand will definitely come. And do not reach. It's time to move from talk to action. Even a small vacation can remind you of what you really love if you dedicate the days of rest to his little or great hobby.

Reaction to traveling friends

You did a great job this week, bought food for the family, go to the long-awaited movie in the cinema, and here comes SMS from a friend... "And we decided to give up on Altai". If at this moment you realize that a weekly trip to the cinema and for food you are attracted to suddenly is smaller than the Altai, then you definitely need to rest. It's time to go on a trip and you, even if before this moment you did not feel such a need.

Lack of motivation

Feel pressured by a horse? Work-house-work, Oh, we know that this scenario does not always lead to good mood. If you suddenly feel like you don't know what to do next and what you want, then perhaps you are just tired and need a break.


Constant fatigue

Woke up this morning and was tired. This is about you? Don't allow this. Life is full of pleasures, if varied. The routine is always tedious, and therefore do not ignore requests for help from your body – the sense of perpetual fatigue without medical reason says only that you need a quality vacation.

You said, "You need to rest"

People usually try to be tactful. Not to talk in forehead of dark circles under the eyes, for example, or to reproach that the example of 2+2 you suddenly turned 5. But if you are surrounding strongly recommend to relax, it only means that your pace of life and General fatigue became too obvious for other people. If you don't listen to yourself or loved ones, you should hear when this was talked about strangers.

Syndrome holidays

Do you feel greater in the summer than usual, the need for rest? And waiting for new year to enjoy winter walks? Vacation syndrome is an increased desire to relax, associated with memories of childhood, when certain times of the year has always meant relaxation and pleasure. If you want, then why not? To arrange a mini-vacation every month you can at least: 2 days in the city with views of beautiful scenery – not the most difficult task to implement.

A constant presence on the network

You have 8 working chat, correspondence with his beloved wife, and still have to meet the brother to call the dentist, call the new insurance, like a picture of your friend from vacation... Wonderful, of course, but while you're immersed in the phone screen and laptop, runs rapidly past life. Pause – go into the woods. This is no joke! If you were waiting for a sign, here it is: take the family and go to the place where the phone can turn off and forget about their obligatory presence in social networks.