Perfect weekend with the kids

Korsunskaya Darya
friday, 19 may 2017
In the turmoil of everyday work is extremely difficult to give enough attention to your loved ones. Sometimes the only way to compensate for the lack of communication with family be a weekend. How to turn a hang into a small adventure? We have compiled for you five simple rules that will help you with this.

1. No work!

This is the first and perhaps most important rule. Remember it and repeat, like a mantra, throughout the whole journey. When all week, you are addressing an infinite number of business issues, to escape from everyday problems can be difficult.

Источник: pixabay.comHide your gadgets in the deepest pocket of the bag and not remember them until the end of the trip. Strictly prohibited also talk about the work: you come to rest, and to discuss the tyrannical chief and you can for an everyday family dinner in front of the TV.

Moreover, abandoning these pleasures of civilization, you will not only get rid of stress, but show the child that the rest can be interesting without computer games.

2. Start your own family tradition

The traditions give us a sense of unity with others. The family is especially important. Usually all the family rituals associated with the holiday: decorating the Christmas tree together for the New Year, may day outing to a barbecue, make a wish and blow out the candles on the cake Birthday. Every time we experience anxious feelings when approaching this treasured moment. Why do we seek a special reason for such small ceremonies instead of doing them when your heart desires?

3. New trip – new sensations

Today tourism infrastructure offers a wide range of services and entertainments for its visitors. Water and Cycling, excursions to local attractions and guided hikes through the scenic and natural monuments – list of events for the coming weekend and you will see how diverse can be the rest of the city. Besides, you know how children are greedy for new emotions. The well-known case – study of drawing, or take a stroll in the Park they can you and in. Let countryside will become your family's ability to radically change the situation, distract from the routine and discover new entertainment.

Your chosen recreation can provide services for horseback riding lessons. Communication with animals has a positive effect on health physical and mental!

By the way, to see a list of services a particular camp site you will help our catalogue.

4. Strive to learn something new

The holiday gives you and your children a great opportunity to plunge into the unusual way of life in the wild. Here you can learn closer to their homeland, to discover new species of plants and animals and to show your young scholar how beautiful and interesting can be the surrounding nature.


Try every day to learn new skills. It could be archery or the ability to discern the mushrooms, making fire or a way of orienteering. Learn about the possible carrying out of master classes at the recreation center or arrange this independently at the same time so you will be able to try on the role of the teacher. You can also experience the local cuisine and find out the chef's secrets cooking taste your food later, you will be able to arrange a home a family dinner in the best traditions of the visited region.

5. Collect memories

Who better than parents to know how quickly time flies. Try during your holiday to acquire Souvenirs. It can be an herbarium of the local plants, memento or family photograph in the background of your home this weekend. To make a bright and memorable footage from the rest will help our tips!

Start with children diary of a traveler! Family diary to record observations and information that was learned during the day. Accompany your entries with illustrations and applications. This will help not only to fix the received knowledge, but also to make the learning process more fun. Besides, it is always a pleasure, after a time, to find and reread your old notebooks and diaries.

To get out into nature with your family – especially nice when this holiday is full of impressions and at times distracting from the usual course of things. It is country visit the best help you to relax from the bustle of the city and try something new. Don't be afraid to make spontaneous decisions, and we will be happy to assist you.