How to prepare a good script for your corporate party?

Korsunskaya Darya
thursday, 20 july 2017
Corporate is coming and it is time to write the script! But how to make the occasion harmonious and not to overdo it with competition? We have prepared some tips that will help you prepare a memorable event!

If you have already decided on the idea of a corporate party, then you can start preparing the script. Advise you to conduct a survey among colleagues and find out their wishes, either in a brain-storming session to distribute all the possible ideas of entertainment and to show the final list of their "colleagues" for approval. This will help you to avoid the unhappy persons at the festival and provide entertainment that will appeal to every participant.

It is worth considering the following important points:

hourglass-1875812_1280Definitely plan time. For fun I sometimes forget to look at the clock, and there is a risk that some especially favorite your team the contest could drag on all night, and displace all that you have planned. As a kind of "time-Manager" you come to the aid of an instructor who would be able to oversee what is happening at the festival and to keep the situation under control. This can be as a "guest star" - toastmaster and "your man" - very active and talkative employee.

Do not overload the script. Undoubtedly, in a few hours of relaxation and fun so many things I want to do and try! However, do not overdo it with the amount of entertainment. This, ultimately, will make the party a marathon "Needs to do everything in an hour". Don't forget that the office party is first and foremost, rest and the opportunity to meet the staff in a relaxed atmosphere.

man-with-a-megaphone-1467100811msvDo not turn into a dictator. You should always leave room for improvisation. When planning a holiday, do the "pockets of time" between the entertainment. If you see that the competition colleagues got bored or didn't like it, don't wait until the stated time, and safely proceed to the next item. And Vice versa: you see that the team is plunged into the game, give them the opportunity to enjoy it.

Alternate activity and rest. Otherwise, there is a risk to go to two extremes. First – you can turn a corporate event into a real Olympics. The second corporate risks becoming an ordinary party or sleepy. To avoid this, dilute the secular conversations over a glass of champagne competitions, games or quizzes.

balloons-693741_1280Take care of the scenery and props for competitions. To create a festive atmosphere, you come to the aid of various embellishment: colorful garlands and balloons, themed table decorations, flowers and many other details of the interior and the surrounding nature. This should take care in advance. As well as what you will use in competitions or any other activities. Better to compare props on a pre-prepared list.

Options festive competitions

After snacks are eaten, there comes a time of serious physical achievements!


The presenter prepares a ball and rope. Two players stand opposite each other and pull the rope. The initial position is at shoulder level. The other players line up behind each other in single file and in turn passes under the tight rope while holding between his knees the ball. Complicating the situation is the fact that with each round the rope down below, and you can only lean back. The one who touched the rope or dropped the ball out of the game. The last one left in the ranks, is awarded the honorary prize.

"Test cartoon"

One large container placed rolled-up sheets with the names of all participants in the game. Each in turn "face down" pulls a piece of paper with a name and draw him a caricature. After all the portraits are finished, the player's goal is to guess who is depicted in the figure. Here the main thing – do not overdo the details and don't accidentally offend someone so hard (without knowing it) you posed.

"A to z"

This game is the perfect way to keep the audience's attention at the holiday feast. To do this, you will need exceptional knowledge of the alphabet and generosity of compliments. Each participant in turn gives a greeting that starts with a certain letter, from A to Z. the winner is the author, whose speech was the most funny and heartfelt. And here we give you a little advice: in no case do not miss the letters G, W, Y, b, b, Y.


In fact, this is just a fraction of the number of possible contests for corporate in nature you can find. However, making a list of entertainment, follow these simple rules:

- Do not abuse the use of alcohol in the competitions;
- If the first item was a failure, don't make the competitions, which can be obtained injuries;
No compromising the competition;
- Remember you are in polite society, and with these people still work;
- Players during the competition should laugh, not to ridicule.

As you can see, the organization of corporate in nature – not such a terrible beast, like they say. I hope our advice was helpful and you found all the answers to your questions. Now you know what corporate leisure countryside recreation can compete with the most pompous receptions in the city centre. Don't be afraid to get out with colleagues outside of the city often: with you the initiative and finished the wish list, and service TURBAZA.RU it all, even the most daring ideas.