Vacation in Russia vs. Holidays abroad

Korsunskaya Darya
tuesday, 06 june 2017
Digits of the calendar inexorably closer to the cherished date of the leave. And here before you is one of the fundamental questions of the Universe: where to go to relax? The second half requires the Cote d'azur and overseas delicacies, but the soul closer to the native Baikal. Let's face it, where better and more profitable to spend your lawful 28 days of freedom (or 14 who as agreed).

Round 1. Start the engine!

Everybody remembers the time when the leading position in the market has taken hot tours to Turkey and Egypt. It was a real knockout for domestic resorts overseas "all inclusive" and cheaper, and much higher level of service. Now seasoned travelers, remember those days with heavy sighs. And the ruble fell, and the tickets the price had jumped, and after the famous Turkish entertainers to listen to the plaintive story of a tour guide during a trip to the Red Glade already does not pull. And a very good reason!

The main trump card of domestic tourism – an opportunity to get to the destination by train, bus or car. These modes of transportation is significantly cheaper tickets. However, in order to conduct the most objective comparison of options of leisure in Russia and abroad, we take into account only the travel.


Go to the website of interest to us airlines and specify the parameters you want to find tickets for the destinations and dates. The next flight – a little less than 12 hours – from Moscow to Sochi will cost us almost 5 thousand rubles. taking into account the insurance, and the cheapest ticket for flight "Moscow – Gelendzhik" is 8 thousand roubles, and before departure is just a couple of days. If you can't wait – be ready to take the last place on Board the aircraft and to pay for it 26 500. What about international flights? Bask under the sun of Cyprus you will be able to snatch a place in almost 37 thousand. if you want to visit Rome should be ready to pay 50 thousand rubles for the ticket. Obviously – the account 1:0 in favor of the Russian import substitution.

Round 2. In search of refuge

Источник: pixabay.comSecond round – hunting for a comfortable room with gorgeous views and round-the-clock entertainment in the hotel complex. The sample locations is also carried out on the principle of "most popular watch". Thus, the cost of a reservation on the camp sites of the Crimea will amount to about 2 thousand rubles, and the minimum value of the location at the recreation center near lake Baikal – 1 750 rubles per day.

Look overseas apartment to spend the night in AIX-EN-Provence is 6 thousand rubles, the same amount will have to pay for a night in hotel Los Angeles. And only Phuket pleases your rates. Online service for finding accommodation offers to let us stay for only 1 000 rubles. in the hostel located in the historical part of the city, but, of course, it is understood that such value is because in this part of town, tourists have nothing to do, and the beaches far.

The score 2:0 in favor of domestic tourism. Go on!

Round 3. Living large?

Not for us to tell you about how the Russian's eyes sparkle at the mention of "all inclusive" (by the way, she's almost never caught). Something similar can be found in Greece, but here to seconds at dinner or unrestricted in the day you still have to pay. Choosing a foreign vacation, we recommend you to stop his attention to hotels that provide Breakfast only.

The same story with hotel complexes in Russia, and here all tourists face the same task: to find food in the brutal realities of an unfamiliar city. The similarities end there.


To throw a feast for the whole world with lobsters and oysters, the Russian middle class can afford only in Asia, lunch in splendid isolation in Phuket will cost you only 200 rubles, while in Sochi for the money you can eat only fast food or in the dining room of the Soviet era. But in Anapa or Gelendzhik you can dine on 300-400 rubles. Needless to say, given exchange rate budget lunch in the café will cost a minimum of 600 rubles per person?

Thus, catering Asian snatches victory point from tourism in Russia, and the score became 2:1.

Round 4. Surprise me!

Thanks to the rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as climatic and natural diversity of Russia is one of the leading positions in the rating of countries favorable for international tourism.
Regardless of the time of year and weather conditions, thousands of tourists come to Russia to plunge into the originality of Russian culture.
Here along next to the spirit of old eras and new times. Here in the territory of one district can be reached in several climatic zones. Here you can one day go hunting and fishing, and the next morning to take off to conquer the mountain peaks on skis or with a pickaxe. There's a place here as pilgrims through the ancient Holy places and the thrill.


Choosing a foreign tourist centres, we usually pursue one main goal: shopping in Milan, to experience the history of Greece or Italy, to experience the charm of a regular European life – course, Paris, soak up the sun in Tunisia, Montenegro or Croatia.

In the case of Russian tourist routes in one region have a huge list of all kinds of entertainment and activities.

3:1. Play on.

Round 5. Make yourself at home

At rest on the Russian resorts have one significant advantage – it is inextricably linked with childhood memories of virtually everyone in the former Soviet Union. In to a pain familiar places not scared to bring children from year to year, there is virtually impossible to get lost or face the language barrier. That is why families with young children so I like to relax in the country.

There are a number of advantages of domestic tourism: no need for visa and passport, no need to suffer in the uncomfortable chairs of the airports at the time of transplant, as most flights are direct.
Perhaps the only important point that is worth considering tourists - making insurance. Of course, the journey across the country does not invalidate your insurance, however, having an additional insurance policy paid medical insurance, chances of receiving quality medical care in any region of Russia increase.

If your choice fell on holiday abroad, get ready to prepare a solid package of documents (which, by the way, is not always free), and in the case of some States – for example, India – you have to do before trip a number of additional vaccinations.


Let's put aside all the stereotypes and prejudices about the stay in Russia and leave only the facts.

To travel within the country – much cheaper than the international tourist routes. Given the speed with which developing domestic tourist industry, it is possible to predict a rapid increase in the popularity of Russian resorts.

Climate and natural diversity of regions provides full-fledged existence and development of all possible types of tourism and for a relatively small cost you can travel all over the their homes the length and breadth and to feel on itself all delights of both active and passive recreation.

So, if you haven't decided where to go this summer, hurry to learn the assortment of the proposals of the Russian tourist business. So what was the score?