Sunlight: a danger or a source of health?

Korsunskaya Darya
tuesday, 31 october 2017
We are accustomed to the fact that the sun is a danger of the body deteriorating eyesight, premature aging of the skin and the risk of malignant melanoma,
in common cancer of the skin. We are afraid once again to fall under direct sunlight.
Carefully hiding from him, we forgot that the sun is our friend, which brings much more good than harm.

When the sunlight became dangerous to humans?

No one talked about the dangers of exposure to the sun, until people began to abuse them in the pursuit of fashion. The fashion on sunburn in the 60-ies of the last century introduced Coco Chanel: thanks to her, people flooded city beaches and wealthy citizens went to the Riviera, in the effort to meet the fashion trends of the time. Later came solariums: they helped to maintain a Golden skin tone throughout the year.


The Solarium in which people voluntarily was irradiated under UV light, is not the only consequence of the fashion for tanning, Chanel introduced: foster dermatological offices were filled with new patients with the same complaints, increased the percentage of patients with diagnosis "skin cancer", delayed treatment which leads to inevitable death. But not so terrible: only 10% of cases the disease is accompanied by the formation of metastases – the spread of tumor cells in the body.

The trend of the 1960s that led to unpleasant discoveries have affected people's attitudes to the sun in the 2000s. In the heat we leave in less exposed areas of the body, and they carefully handle all kinds of sunscreen. Sometimes we put two or three layers to make sure. Try not to stay under the sun looking for some shade – by all means try to fence themselves from danger. Tan ceased to be an integral part of the appearance: it seems that the "aristocratic" pallor is much more useful and safer Golden skin tone.


And how will comment on our action international Ministry of health?

UK doctors in one voice say: the sun in moderate doses will benefit the body. These words confirm and in Australia, a study conducted in Denmark, published the following interesting facts: office workers who are not exposed to solar radiation, more risk to make skin cancer disease, compared with those who work in the fresh air and literally "bathed in sunlight".

The influence of the sun on the human body

Numerous clinical studies prove harmful not so much the abundance of sunshine, how much the lack of it. For two decades, Swedish scientists have observed the changes in the body and overall health 30 thousand women aged 25 to 64 years. The results were unexpected and amazing at the same time: ignore the sun, the patient was at risk of sudden death is two times more compared to those who did not avoid direct sunlight.


Interesting and the following observation. The Islamic revolution in 1979, the year in Iran and led to a revolution in clothing – men and women tried to close his body, and the last from head to toe bundled up in robes that were left open only the face. Since then, the country increased the percentage of incidence of multiple sclerosis, the alleged reason is the acute shortage of the sun, which the inhabitants of the country themselves deprived.

In countries located in the Northern climatic zone, people get sick more often in winter months when daylight is reduced, and the sun rarely appears in the sky; in such countries, people are more prone to depressions, which leads to frequent absence of the sun.

First, who proved the necessity of the sun to the human body, was Kurt Kulcinski, a paediatrician of Jewish origin who lived in Berlin. Prescription ultraviolet therapy helped four little boys to get rid of severe rickets, and made up for the lack of calcium in the body: it was a cause of disorders of the skeletal system and a strong curvature of the spine in children. Kulcinski planted the kids in front of a mercury-quartz lamp, having put on their glasses welders. The first irradiation session lasted for 2 minutes, the duration of the last was 20 minutes. After four months of ultraviolet therapy involving ingestion of calcium tablets, the pediatrician noted: the children were cheerful, from the previous apathy not a trace is left. In healthy children it was impossible to know still weak, lifeless children.


Discovery made too late, finally has told the world about the benefits of the sun to human health. Penetrating into the body through the eyes and skin, sunlight activates the production of vitamin D. Lack of this vitamin leads to loss of calcium from bones and their subsequent deformation. Such experienced children, the Berlin of the 1920-ies, deprived of sunlight and suffering from serious problems with the skeletal system and overall health.

Vitamin D is required not only for healthy bone growth. It is an important part of the immune system, the muscular system. Its deficiency leads to such chronic diseases as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and becomes the cause of disorders in the heart and colon cancer. Muscle weakness is an alarming signal, informing about the lack of vitamin D.

Sun vs. Dietary supplements


Sunbathing is not the only way to remedy the lack of vitamin D in the body: this is taken care of manufacturers of biologically active additives (BAA), which is presented to the market in a wide range of prices and formulations. The world's scientists and doctors disagree, when it comes to the effectiveness of dietary Supplements. While some recommend taking drugs to prevent, saying that the harm from this patient will not, directly second say about the complete lack of beneficial effect that additives have on the body.

Is it worth spending the money to purchase nutritional Supplementswhen you can just take a daily sun bath: this morning on my way to work, at lunchtime or on weekends during a summer picnic in the fresh air or Cycling?


Taking care of their own health does not require long walks, to get enough vitamin D, enough to stand under the sunlight for 5-15 minutes. Two procedures of that duration in a week will be enough for a month to notice positive results. Cheerfulness during the day, feeling good in the morning, refreshed complexion and a natural flush of color – change will occur in the body and in appearance.

 Enjoy the sun wisely

In the sun baths important a sound approach. You can't sit a whole year in office with artificial lighting, hoping to fill the need for vitamin D over a two-week vacation. This increases the risk of skin cancer. It is much wiser to sunbathe during the year, during summer vacation, the skin suddenly exposed to direct sunlight, do not stress about that. Scientists put forward the hypothesis that accustomed to the influence of sunlight the skin is easier to cope with genetic damage caused by UV rays. However, the scientific evidence she has not yet received.


Along with irregular sunbathing, tanning beds do not cause approval among dermatologists. The light emitted by the UVA lamp, has no beneficial effects on the body, performing a single function: the maintenance of smooth Golden skin tone. For this reason, in Australia, Brazil and partially in the U.S. solariums banned in England and in some European countries they are allowed to use only when you reach 18 years old.

A sound approach is a prerequisite for those who do not want to deprive your body of this important vitamin D and at the same time does not want to acquire a malignant tumors on the skin. Instead, to completely abandon the sun and try to find a replacement in ineffective BAD, should think about the optimal way of sunbathing, what will help a qualified dermatologist.