Popular water bodies Krasnoyarsk Krai

Krasnoyarsk Krai

Despite the "Siberian registration", the rest in the Krasnoyarsk region is a popular service. And not only among Russians. The reasons for this popularity lie in the exotic nature of the region, located in three climatic zones. The majestic Yenisei river, proudly carrying its waters into the ocean, a unique network of lakes, large pine massifs with the main "hero" - Siberian cedar, the amazing fauna, the focus of nature reserves and wildlife refuges - all this makes the resorts in the Krasnoyarsk region popular among tourists.

Krasnoyarsk Krai is the Russian geographical center of the archaeological monuments of ancient eras and museums (e.g., the unique Museum of permafrost). A separate page exploring the region is the history of the development of Russia's Siberia and the construction of Orthodox churches and temples.

Visiting the camp site in Krasnoyarsk region, it is possible to get acquainted with the unique nature of Siberia and its culture and traditions.