Odintsovsky district

Odintsovo is a real Mecca for lovers of Russian history, music, poetry and literature. Trips to the Museum-reserve of A. Pushkin (Bolshie Vyazemy), the house-Museum M. Prishvin (Dunino), K. Chukovsky and Boris Pasternak (Peredelkino), S. Taneyev (Gutkowo) will appeal to art lovers of all ages. In ethno-cultural complex "Husky Park" (Nikolina Gora), you can go dog sledding – children come to the delight of such entertainment. Today it is a unique project for Russia. Near the Park are numerous resorts in the Odintsovo district. Interesting sights of the city Odintsovo – the Cathedral of St. George the victorious, the old manor and newest aquarium. Stunning combination of different eras gives the small city a special, unique flavor.