Popular water bodies Perm Krai

Perm Krai

Perm Krai – the land of the bizarre mountains and taiga forests, mysterious caves and stormy Ural rivers, the country's largest salt deposits and the huge stones.

The flow of tourists in this Ural region is increasing every year, because the holiday in Perm region gives you the opportunity to explore the amazing wonders of Russian nature. First and foremost, these include devil's Fort (also known as Stone town), rock crevices in the vicinity Nirobe under intriguing titles Narrow street and Large street, as well as the famous stones, many of which have their own names. Written on the preserved rock paintings of the ancient, Grey is known as a place of wish fulfillment, and Talkative famous for its ability to create an echo.

Tourists planning a sightseeing tours, you can stay in hotels of Perm, and fans of outdoor recreation are more suitable camp site in Perm region.