The Republic Of Adygea

The Caucasus has always attracted and continues to attract tourists. What happens to any visitor of the Republic of Adygea, it is hardly possible to convey in words. A flourishing region with amazing nature, unique landscape and mountain rivers, green valleys and snowy peaks, unique wildlife and exotic plants.

Numerous camp sites of the Republic of Adygea happy to meet all lovers of active holidays. And they have something to offer as entertainment. Hiking, Cycling and horseback riding, caving (caving) and canyoning, skiing and hang gliding, car tours, off-road, snowmobile and ATV – this is by far not exhausted the entertainment possibilities of the Caucasian Republic.

Ancient history and architecture of the Republic of Adygea, museums, national Circassian cuisine is another tourism destination. The tourist center of the Republic of Adygea will be acquainted with the life and customs of the indigenous inhabitants of the Caucasus.