The Maikop district

The Maikop district of Adygeya will not leave indifferent any true lover of the mountains and alloys. In the warm season camp sites in the Maikop district are overcrowded wish to improve the skills of kayaking and rafting. Fans riding from pleasure riding horses, and the adventurers receive a considerable dose of adrenaline in the Park Misato (Kamennomostsky). While vacationing in this part of Adygea, you can visit the caves and the unique Museum of the nature of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve in Guzeripl. Hadzhohskaya tasnina ancient dolmen, which dates back to III-II centuries BC, and a Museum of the Ammonites forced to recall the ancient legend about the living stones and spirits of the mountains. Journey in the Maikop district – not just a vacation trip. Is a touch of the unusual that will long inspire.