Popular water bodies Leninsky district

Leninsky district

Leninsky district covers the territory of the Crimea between the Black sea and the Azov sea and is a popular holiday destination among tourists from all over the country. The district is famous for its numerous attractions, interesting from a historical point of view: it's many ancient towns and villages, the fortress of Arabat, and also the memorials in the memory of the great Patriotic war. While relaxing in the Leninsky district you can admire the sea views, enjoy swimming in warm sea water, to go on the spit Arabatsky Arrow to visit Karalarskiy natural Park. Also in the district is the Cape Kazantip, where more than 10 years was held the eponymous electronic music festival. Kazantip has the status of a natural Park where you can enjoy the expanse of the steppes and explore the scenic limestone cliffs of his shores.