Popular water bodies The Republic Of Khakassia

The Republic Of Khakassia

Mysterious, multifaceted and up to the end of the unknown, the Republic of Khakassia hides a huge potential for tourism. In this region, occupying the southern part of Eastern Siberia, there is the number of Sunny days annually, which can not boast of even Sochi.

The tourist center of the Republic of Khakassia are a perfect place for holiday travelers. This is due to the proximity to unique natural attractions such as lake Shira, a complex Utichye lake, outdoor Museum and nature reserve "Kazanovka", Jankuloska mineral springs, the reserve and the bird "Tract Trekhozerki".

A sightseeing holiday in the Republic of Khakassia, often referred to as the "archaeological Mecca" of the whole of Siberia, allows you to see the ancient burial mounds, petroglyphs, mysterious stone sculptures, remnants of fortifications and ruins of residential buildings. A particularly interesting area attractions are the caves of "Pandora's Box", "Cross" and "Kalkulacka" Republican local history Museum of Khakassia, the Gate of the Valley of the kings and Sulakskaya Pisanitsa.