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Volgograd, the city became a symbol of courage and patriotism, and remember that not only its inhabitants, but to the many travelers visiting the city.

About the heroism of its defenders here resembles a large number of monuments, chief among them Mamayev Kurgan, where was fought the most fierce battles. This theme continues in the Museum "battle of Stalingrad", "Memory" and history. Even destroyed objects Gargantua mill, laboratory and riddled with bullets a lamppost at the intersection of the Communist and Gogol keep the memory of the war.

During a holiday in Volgograd to visit the "Old Sarepta" - the historical and architectural complex, located where once was a German colony, stroll through "Dancing" the bridge, to unravel the mysteries of the Universe in the planetarium, meet the inhabitants of the aquarium and to have a good time at the water Park and rope Park.

In the Volgograd and the surrounding area have many hotels and resorts where there is all necessary for comfortable accommodation and leisure.