Popular water bodies Nekrasovskiy district

Nekrasovskiy district

Nekrasovskiy district is a relatively small territory with an area less than 1500 sq km, located on the border of the Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions. The district includes many small towns, and its administrative center is the village of Nekrasovskoye, which traces its history back to the thirteenth century. Then the settlement was called Big Salt, today it is a private Museum of salt works. The area includes the shore of the reservoir Kostroma, part of the Volga river and a small winding river Solonytsya picturesque corners of nature, where you love to entertain tourists and guests of the region. Rest in Nekrasov district mainly involves family and friendly leisure on the nature, water fun, boating, fishing and playing outdoors, but can also include a small tours in the surroundings.