Popular water bodies Pereslavl district

Pereslavl district

Where to go, spending time in one of the cozy lodges in the district of Pereslavl? If you want to throw off the stress of everyday city life, is to book a horse tour to the local mini-zoo El Rancho. Active recreation and beautiful scenery will fill a weary tourist the new forces.

Pereslavl district known for its many interesting museums. The Museum of gramophones and gramophone records and the Museum of money "Mint" in Veskovo, Pereslavl railway Museum Chalitzah you can be happy to consider hours.

Fans of the brilliant poems of Marina Tsvetaeva and learn about the life of poetess in her Talitsky house-Museum. And guides Pereslavl historical Museum party willingly share with visitors the secrets of the Soviet era. Many of them will amaze even the connoisseurs of history of the CPSU.